Constructive Confrontation Statement -- Public Discussion


Constructive Conflict Statement
Public Discussion

A Joint Call for a Dramatic Expansion of Efforts to Improve Society's Ability to
Constructively Handle Complex, Large-scale, Intractable Conflicts

March 2019 Draft -- v1.1

Invitation to Participate | Statement Summary | Full Statement | Related MBI Materials | Private Comment Form | Public Discussion | Request for Financial Support

Prepared by
Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess
Co-Directors, Beyond Intractability Project, Conflict Information Consortium
University Of Colorado, UCB 580, Boulder, CO, USA, 303-492-1635


We hope to use this forum to stimulate a broad discussion of the ideas presented in the Constructive Conflict Statement (and other associated documents). The questions we will start with here are a subset of those we are asking on the private comment form, but the conversation here may go in different directions, and that's okay (as long as the discussion stays constructive and civil).

So please use this forum to make comments and suggestions about the Constructive Conflict Statement that you are willing to share publicly and use the private comment form/email to make comments privately (about your potential participation for instance) to the authors Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess.

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As is true for all the other MBI discussions, we require participants here to sign up for a free user name and password, which helps us weed out bots, spammers, and other destructive participants. The sign up is not automated, so while we will make every effort to respond to your request for a username and password quickly, it will not be instantaneous.  But it does allow us to do a better job screening participants, which we hope will keep the discussion constructive.

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Initial Questions:

  1. Overall Assessment: In principle, does this seem like an effort worth pursuing?
  2. Suggestions: Do you have any specific suggestions for improving either the substance or the language of our initial draft documents?
  3. Related Efforts: Are you aware of people working on similar or overlapping efforts who we should contact with the goal of being as mutually supportive as possible?
  4. Next Steps: Do you have thoughts or suggestions about next steps that should be taken to pursue these ideas further?
  5. Other: Is there anything else related to this statement that you would like to share?

Image Credit: -- Constructive Conflict Statement Group Silhouette. By geralt: Public Domain