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Website Reorganization

We have recently completed a major reorganization of the website. Hopefully, it is now much easier to navigate.

 If you should encounter problems using the new site, however, please tell us so we can make appropriate changes.

You can also still use the old homepage.if you prefer.

We at the Conflict Information Consortium (CIC) believe that society's chronic inability to constructively handle intractable conflict constitutes a threat to human welfare that is at least as serious as that posed by climate change, infectious disease, or any of today's other big social, political, economic, and environmental challenges. In fact, it is our inability to constructively deal with intractable conflict that is making it so difficult for us to effectively meet these other challenges. 

The CIC's Mission, therefore, is to raise the profile of the intractable conflict problem and to greatly increase the number of people worldwide who have the motivation, knowledge, and resources needed to address it effectively. By using the Internet to collect and disseminate cutting-edge conflict knowledge, we aim to help people more effectively tackle all conflicts--ranging from the relatively simple small-scale ones, to the societal-level, complex, intractable conflicts which lie at the frontier of the peace and conflict field.

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