Teaching Materials

Note:  This page used to include teaching materials for instructors, information about education and training opportunities for students, and career information.  We have broken these three elements up now, so that information about education and training opportunities for students can be found at http://www.beyondintractability.org/education_and_training and information about career opportunities can be found at http://www.beyondintractability.org/careers-and-funding.  What follows is Teaching Materials for Instructors.

  • Virtual Textbook Program
    This program allows instructors to redesign their texts as often as they want, drawing from all the text-based information on Beyond Intractability and Moving Beyond Intractability.  Online expert interviews, each 30-60 minutes in duration, and shorter MBI videos are also available for use as virtual "guest lecturers." 
  • Exercises and Simulations  - This collection of free resources includes  six exercises to explore the meaning and nature of intractable conflicts and what's to be done about them, together with four conflict simulations and a tutorial on better dealing with interpersonal conflicts.
  • Stop Fighting - A Seven-Step Self-Quiz and Tutorial for People Involved in Relationship Conflicts
  • Online Courses and Educational Materials
    Here we have two "self study" courses based on Beyond Intractability and CRInfo (a partner site of Beyond Intractability).  Instructors should feel free to adopt some or all of these syllabi for their own use, (acknowledging BI as the source of the readings, of course), although we ask in exchange for  feedback of what you used, and how you "packaged it" within other teaching materials. We also ask that If students use BI as an alternative to a text book, we would appreciate your asking them to contribute a small fee to its maintenance — see the contribution page for guidelines.
  • Conflict Resolution Glossary of Terms - A list of commonly used conflict resolution terms with definitions.
  • Conflict Transformation: Standards-Based Lesson Plans for Middle School Students  - Conflict Transformation is a twelve-unit, thirty-six-hour course designed to teach middle school students basic conflict transformation skills for personal, community, national, and international situations. The short stories, current events, class discussions, guided reading activities, and guided writing assignments make this course ideal both for social studies and language arts classes.
  • Working With Strong Emotions in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers and Students
  • Information and resources that teachers and students can use to prepare themselves for the highly-emotional exchanges — both expected and unexpected — that may occur in a classroom setting.
  • Group Projects: A Conflict Resolution Guide for Students
    Resources, helpful advice, and guidelines for successfully completing a group project, while constructively handling conflicts that may arise among the group members.
  • Multi-level Conflict Mapping Using PowerPoint, Prezi, and Websites
    Discussion of the advantages of graphical conflict maps, and an introduction to the Beyond Intractability / CRInfo library of such resources.