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Beyond Intractability's efforts to promote more constructive approaches to conflict occur within the larger context of efforts to promote wise and equitable solutions to a broad range of social problems. This blog highlights readable news and opinion articles, "infographics" and reports that help us understand the costs--and hence, urgency -- of the conflict problem, the dynamics that make it so difficult,  alternative responses, and innovative success stories about people who have successfully confronted various aspects of the problem in different settings. 


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Recent Posts
  • For a time when class conflict is not being given the attention it deserves, a review of a new book: "Class: A Guide Through The American Status System" #mbi_context -- Book Review: Fussell On Class
  • A review of a new book that asks critical questions about the threats faced by the US and the role that the military should have meeting those threats. -- A World Without War
  • Political parties ought to be institutions for resolving disputes over which priorities to address and how. They shouldn't just enforce group mono-think. #mbi_context -- There’s only one political party right now
  • An eloquent defense of the neglected art of persuasion -- the most sustainable way of achieving positive social change. #mbi_context -- When did we give up on persuasion?
  • An important reminder that the excesses of the so-called "cancel culture" afflicted both the left and the right. #mbi_context -- Donald Trump is the king of cancel culture

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