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Use this form to sign up to be an active contributor to the public MOOS Discussions. In order to help keep the discussions on topic, constructive, and useful, we are asking anyone who wants to participate to tell us a bit about their background and interest in intractable conflict-related topics. In exchange, we will issue a username and password which will give them the ability to post their thoughts to the discussion.

All participants are asked to follow a number of posting guidelines related to civility and substantive content.  We ask everyone to avoid:

  • Personal or group attacks
  • Obscenity, vulgarity, profanity (or obfuscated versions of such)
  • Incendiary comments
  • Commercial promotion (however, if users are doing work on related topics that would add to users' knowledge of this topic, we urge you to submit a description of your work to our Colleague Activities Blog, where we will publish it.) 
  • Requests for assistance in particular conflict situations.
  • Incoherence - BI and the MOOS are used by many people for whom English is not their native language.  For this reason, the writing needs to be particularly clear.  Please avoid technical terms and jargon whenever possible, and write as clearly as you can.  If we can't understand your submission, others will not be able to understand it either.  Consequently, we will unpublish unclear posts and ask the writer to rewrite and resubmit them.

Though we do not have the funding yet to pre-screen all comments, we will be monitoring (and participating in) the discussions.  If we or other users find comments to be offensive or inappropriate, let us know, and we will remove them and may block the user from making future posts.

For more information on this aspect of the program, see the Discussion Information page.

If you want to send us a private comment on the MOOS posts, discussion, or any other aspect of the BI or MBI projects, please use our Contact Form. 

Discussants will also receive the occasional (approximately bi-weekly) Beyond Intractability Newsletter.

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This username (50 character maximum) will appear with your contribution to the online public discussions. In general, we think discussion go better when people speak "on the record" using their own name. Still, we recognize that some users may, for a variety of reasons, feel like they have to use a pseudonym to participate. So, that's acceptable as well.

After you submit this form, we will set up a user account for you.  You should expect an email with details within the next day or so (perhaps a bit longer on weekends and holidays) as we are doing this by hand, not automatically.  We look forward to hearing your contributions to what should be a very interesting series of discussions.  Welcome to the MOOS!

Heidi and Guy Burgess

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