How to Participate in the MBI Seminars and Blogs


Heidi and Guy Burgess

Four Ways to Participate

There are four ways to participate in the MBI Seminars and blogs:  by Visiting, Following, Joining, and Contributing Content

  • Visiting means just reading an individual post now and again when you see one that looks interesting.  Unlike traditional seminars or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), we welcome people to come in and out--you don't need to commit to watching or reading all the material and there are no tests or grades. You can find all the posts listed from first to last on the syllabus page (for both the Frontiers Seminar and the Fundamentals Seminar), and from most recent to first on all the blogs (Frontiers, Fundamentals, Beyond Intractability-in Context and Colleague Activities.) (The Frontiers and Fundamentals Syllabi and Blogs have the same posts--just in opposite order.)
  • Following implies a bit higher level of engagement, but how much higher is still entirely up to you. You can sign up to "follow" the MOOS on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, thereby seeing each post when they are released. There are two different ways to do this.  
  • MBI Core Seminars Only You can subscribe to just the Core Seminar Posts [which includes core posts from the Conflict Fundamentals, Conflict Frontiers, and Brown-Bag seminars (once they start) ] and the "What Everyone Can Do" Blog by friending or following the "MBI MOOS" on any of these sites. Use the following links to do that.       
  • All the Seminars PLUS the Beyond Intractability-In-Context  Blog:  Alternatively, you can to subscribe to "Beyond Intractability" (not MBI MOOS) to receive the full stream of posts including core seminar posts together with the Beyond Intractability-in-Context Blog  (which draws from other authors and has many more posts). (So this gets you much more material than the first option.)  Use the following links to do that:       
  • MBI Newsletter: A third option is to sign up for the MBI  newsletter which comes out once every several weeks via email, and this will include all the posts since the last newsletter.  Use the following link to sign up for the newsletter: 

The same content is being posted on each of these networks. So, in theory, you only need to sign up for one. However, because of the complex algorithms the networks use to decide what  posts you actually see, you may miss some MOOS posts unless you actively visit the corresponding MOOS page on one of the social networking sites or on Beyond Intractability or Moving Beyond Intractability directly.

  • Join the Discussions means signing up to get a user name and password which allows you to participate in the Fontiers Discussions.  Many of the Frontiers posts and a few of the Fundamentals Posts have discussion questions, and we invite people who have some background in the field, or a real interest in it, to discuss the ideas we raise in the Frontiers posts.  We are trying, at least initially, to limit the topics discussed and keep a fairly close watch on the people and comments that are made, in an effort to prevent trolling and other destructive responses.  
  • Contributing Content: In addition to contributing discussion posts to the Frontiers discussion, we hope our colleagues will let us and our visitors learn about their work on related topics.  We have a Colleague Activities Blog to do this--and we may (with permission) work items from that blog into the Conflict Fundamentals and Conflict Frontiers Seminars as well.


Search and Browse:

As the Seminars proceed and the volume of information covered continues to expand, the MOOS Search and Browse capabilities will become increasingly valuable. These tools provide an ability to search the full content of all MOOS posts and links. Users can also search and browse the supporting resources provided by the Conflict Information Consortium and, especially, the Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base with the same system.