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Project Descriptions:

  • Initiative Homepage - Like all homepages, this is the starting point for information about the Initiative.
  • Invitation to Participate - A copy of the email we are sending far and wide seeking participation in the Initiative.
  • Initiative Summary - A short summary of what the Initiative is and why we are starting it.
  • Full Initiative Statement - A detailed summary of the crisis currently posed by our inability to successfully deal with complex, intractable conflict, and a proposal of how to go about addressing this crisis.

Project Updates and Feedback:

  • Feedback Summary  - A summary of the many comments we have received (mostly via email) about the Initiative and possible next steps. This page is being updated between formal project updates.
  • MBI and CCI Next Steps (October 2019) - An update of feedback received and next steps plans for both CCI and Moving Beyond Intractability as of mid-October, 2019.
  • CCI Summer Update - An update of feedback received and next steps plans as of July 31, 2019

Share Your Thoughts

  • Send your Comments  - A Feedback Form that we encourage readers to use to submit private comments on the Initiative.

Support the Initiative:

Related Resources:

  • Related MBI Materials - A description of and links to the many Beyond Intractability resources related to the Constructive Conflict Initiative.
  • CCI Challenges - CCI focuses on 10 challenges facing most societies regarding intractable conflicts.  They are listed and described here.
  • CCI Massively Parallel Peacebuilding Action List - This is an updated version of MBI's original MPP Action List which has been adapted to highlight specific steps which could be taken to address the challenges posted by the Initiative. 
  • CCI Challenges & Action List Poster - a list of the challenges and related responsive actions all presented in a one-page, printable and sharable poster.
  • CCI Video - A class-length video describing the Initiative--what it is and why the issues it addresses is so important. (The video also shows why studying conflict is so important and is a good resource to show at the beginning of any peace and conflict course.)
  • CCI Article - An "article" type revision of the CCI Summary that is appropriate to use as a class reading in Peace and Conflict Studies classes. It focuses less on the Initiative itself, and more on the problem the Initiative is trying to address and things students can do to respond to the CCI challenges.
  • Constructive Conflict Massive Open Online Seminar (MOOS) - A new (as of October 2019) Massive Open Online Seminar that is exploring the challenges posed in the Initiative and proposing actions that can be taken to begin to address these challenges.  Materials will be pulled from existing Beyond Intractability and Moving Beyond Intractability materials, as well as many new materials written specifically for this seminar.
  • Things You Can Do to Help Information Graphics  Suggestions of things anyone can do to help conflicts be more constructive, presented in very short (2-4 sentence) infographics that can be printed, posted, and distributed.