Donations Needed!

2019 Fundraising Drive

New Home, New Procedure

After a long and successful association with the University of Colorado, Beyond Intractability, the Conflict Information Consortium, and all of our affiliated projects have now parted ways with the University.  Given the Burgess's semi-retired status and the fact that University has evolved in a way which offers no long-term home for a project like ours, the University concluded that they could no longer provide the support that the Consortium needs. 

Fortunately, the efficiencies of a web-based project like ours has made the shift to an independent structure easy and relatively seamless. The websites continue to function as before and, with minor delays, we continue to develop Moving Beyond Intractability and the Constructive Conflict Initiative. There is, however one significant challenge associated with the transition—the loss of our ability to channel our fundraising efforts through the University and, the University's 501(c)(3), the University of Colorado Foundation.  

Small Donations

You can support
Beyond Intractability

Over the near-term, this means that our Donation page is no longer linked to the tax-exempt University of Colorado Foundation.  As an alternative, we have set up a simple Go Fund Me account for our projects. For this, our goals are relatively modest. We simply want to raise the $3000/year we need to cover the costs of operating the Consortium's computer system and the time of student assistants who help us operate the system.  For now, we plan to continue contributing our time to the effort on a pro bono basis. Anything you can contribute to helping us reach our Go Fund Me goal would be greatly appreciated.  

Since we are doing this as individuals and since Beyond Intractability is not affiliated with any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization at this time, the Go Fund Me account is personal. That said, we are seeking only modest funding and we are committed to using the funds only to support the Beyond Intractability Project and the Constructive Conflict Initiative.

More Major Fundraising

Obviously, small donations will not begin to cover the ambitious set of Next Steps and longer-term projects that we are trying to pursue in conjunction with the Constructive Conflict Initiative and Moving Beyond Intractability's expanded collection of related learning materials. We have always believed that the successful pursuit of these projects will require partnerships with other individuals and more formalized institutions (including nonprofit 501(c)(3)s).   Going forward, the development of such partnerships will obviously be increasingly important.  If you are a funder or a 501(c)(3) and are interested in forming a relationship with Beyond Intractability and/or the Constructive Conflict Initiative, let's talk!