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All the MBI seminars and blogs are being posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. There are two options for accessing this content on each of these sites. 

MBI Core Seminars Only

You can subscribe to just the Core Seminar Posts [which includes core posts from the Conflict Fundamentals, Conflict Frontiers, and Things Everyone Can Do Blogs  by friending or following "MBI MOOS" on any of these sites. Use the following links to friend / follow / connect to the MBI MOOS on ... 


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Alternatively, you can use these networks to subscribe to "Beyond Intractability" to receive the full stream of posts from the core seminars plus the Beyond Intractability in Context Blog  (drawing from other authors) as well. Use the following links to friend / follow / connect to Beyond Intractability on ...


The same content is being posted on each of these networks. So, in theory, you only need to sign up for one. However, because of the complex algorithms the networks use to decide what  posts you actually see, you may miss some MBI posts unless you actively visit the corresponding MBI page on one of the social networking sites or on Beyond Intractability or Moving Beyond Intractability directly.

MBI Newlsetter

Another option is to sign up for the MBI Newsletter, which comes out once every two or three weeks and lists all the new materials that have been published since the last newsletter.