Quick Start Video

Heidi Burgess


This is a short video highlighting the six sections of the new BI homepage. It helps newcomers learn how to navigate the site most effectively to find what they need. More detail can be found in the associated text Quick Start Guide.

Hi! this is Heidi Burgess. I want to give you a quick tour of the Beyond Intractability site,so if you're new to it, you know how to find things that will be useful.

The most important thing to understand is that the site has six sections and are all listed over here.

  • The first section is the combined B I-- Beyond Intractability and CRInfo knowledge bases. This is a combination of our earlier two sites that had these names. Beyond Intractability focused on really difficult and what we call “intractable” or very difficult to resolve conflicts. CRInfo focused on more everyday, interpersonal, family, workplace, community conflicts, some of which, of course, can be intractable.  This section of the website has lots of essays and case studies and interviews and book and article summaries and information about education and training and careers in teaching. All of that is found linked under the overview of the knowledge base. If you're not on the knowledge base page, you'll find it over on the right side menu bar, but it's not there when we’re actually on the knowledge base page. So that’s section number one.
  • Section number two is called the Things You Can Do To Help blog and I'll just note here that since we’re off the knowledge base, you can find links to the knowledge base over on the right. The Things You Can Do To Help Blog was designed to answer the question that we heard from so many people after Donald Trump was elected: “what can we do to help? Conflicts in this country seem to be getting worse and worse. We want help, but we don't know how.” This is a place to find that out.
  • The next section is the Conflict Frontiers Seminar. This seminar is for people who have some background in the conflict or peacebuilding field and are interested in exploring with us what we consider to be frontier of the field issues -- which is how can we deal with these very difficult, protracted, painful, destructive conflicts more effectively than we have before? We have a lot of short videos that we put together in a seminar format which has a syllabus, which you can get from the homepage here under “more details.” And you can also get it from the BI homepage--I will show you that in a minute.
  • The next section is the Conflict Fundamentals Seminar. This is for people who are new to the field of conflict resolution, but want to learn more than they could get off the Things You Can Do To Help blog. This has several hundred articles that will be released about two a day, although you can look ahead if you want to. It's like an “Intro to Conflict” course that you might get at a university, except it's all here for free. You can read at your own pace. You can read what you're interested in and ignore what you're not.
  • Beyond Intractability in Context is a blog that we put together to put all of the theoretical information that we have in context. This has news articles, opinion pieces, and reports. It covers the really interesting things that we are reading every day that relate to the topics of this website and we think that you might be interested in also.
  • The final section of the website is the Colleague Activities Blog which is here. This is where we are  posting information about things that our colleagues are doing that relate to the things that we are doing on this website.
  • So those are the main six sections. Wherever you are, you can link back to them through here, or on the right hand menu bar. Here, also, is an essay on what we call the “Intractable Conflict Challenge” which tells you a little bit about why we think this is so important and why we want to get so many people involved in making intractable conflicts better.
  • You can sign up for our newsletter here and you can read about our new Constructive Confrontation Initiative here.  The link to this, right now, is on every page. This tells you why everybody's participation in making all of the chronic conflicts that surround us more constructive is very important.
  • Another thing that is important to mention is that Search is up here.  You can search the whole knowledge base and all of the blogs and course material if you know what topic you're looking for.
  • You can participate by reading the newsletter, signing up for the newsletter, or following us in social media.  If you do that, you'll get two posts from our core seminars and two posts from our BI In Context Blog every day in your “in box.” You can follow the discussions or join the discussions or submit  ideas about your work or things to put in the BI InContext blog here. Of course we hope that some people will be moved to support our work which you can do here or through the donate button. At the very bottom, there is a “Contact Us” link. If you have comments or questions. I hope you get into touch. Thanks!