Mediation Training Manual by Kenneth Cloke


Ken Cloke is a world-recognized mediator, dialogue facilitator, conflict resolution systems designer, teacher, public speaker, author of numerous books and articles, and a pioneer and leader in the field of mediation and conflict resolution for the last 37 years. He formed the Center for Dispute Resolution in Santa Monica, CA in 1983 which he still directs, and co-founded Mediators Beyond Borders in 2006. He has worked in the United States and over 25 other countries.

Ken has generously contributed his Center for Dispute Resolution Mediation Training Manual to Beyond Intractability, allowing us to publish it and make it available to our users.  Readers may "use it--or anything in it." Ken says, "without further permission." However, we at Beyond Intractability ask that if you do use part or all of this manual, that you clearly credit Ken as the author, and include his copyright on any of the materials you use. 

If you look through the Table of Contents of the manual, you will see the that manual takes a broad brush in its coverage of "mediation,"   After introducing the concept of mediation in the first chapter, the second chapter steps back and looks at conflict, conflict theory, and conflict resolution more broadly.  It explains how conflict can be an opportunity, but often we get "stuck" in conflict and are unable, at least without help, to attain its benefits. Ken then discusses why this is so and what can be done about it.  

He then goes on to describe the mediation process in great detail--down to suggested lines mediators should use to explain the process and questions they should ask in different situations and at different stages of the process.  At the same time he explains why mediators should do each of these things--why such actions are needed and why/how they work. 

This volume is likely to be extremely valuable to new mediators, and may even teach experienced mediators some ideas they haven't thought of or used in awhile or perhaps ever.

Thank you, Ken, for your willingness to share your immense knowledge and experience! 

The manual is a pdf, so it is simply linked below. 

Cloke Training Manual

While we are pleased to be able to post thisTraining Manual on Beyond Intractability, we want to be clear that this is Ken Cloke's work, not BI's. He is solely responsible for its content and all credits, copyrights, and intellectual property belong to Ken.  If you use all or part of this manual in written form, please acknowledge his authorship.