Fact Frames

Sanda Kaufman discusses the ways that people in the U.S. frame the situation in Iraq.
Sanda Kaufman recommends that intervenors be aware of the ways in which cultural frames affect their interpretations and assessments of conflict situations.
Frank Dukes suggests that not all issues pertaining to the environment are framed as environmental concerns.
Sanda Kaufman discusses how parties are likely to frame information in a way that favors their own interests or concerns.
Sanda Kaufman professor of planning and public administration at the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, advises intervenors against treating a conflict as symmetrical in the name of fairness or impartiality. Besides being inaccurate, this may lead to conflict strategies that do not correspond to the reality of a given situation. She uses the conflict in the Middle East to illustrate this point.