A Creative (and very Promising) Answer to the US Political Gridlock

In what I find to be a very exciting broadcast, Mark Gerzon, the President of the Mediators Foundation (and long-time BI contributor) talks with Nick Troiano, who runs a new organization called The Centrist Project.  They describe the rise of what they are calling a "third narrative" in American politics--that of the independents who actually want to address and solve problems, not just attack the "other side."  By working to mobilize, educate, empower and elect such people to Congress and state legislatures, they hope to change the bimodal dynamics of those bodies.  Even if they only get a few problem solvers in such roles, if they can break the majority of both leading parties, those parties will be forced to work with them--hence compromise (!) to get things done.

Mark and Nick talk about how they are doing this in this half hour TV show called "The Center Arises" that aired on the local TV program Deliberate Conversations in Boulder, Colorado.  It has applicability much wider than that, however!