Culture and Conflict

Leo Cardenas talks about how to "work the ethnicity out of" a conflict situation, so that more immediate issues can be addressed.
Civil rights mediator Silke Hansen describes how she builds trust with minority groups even though she is white.
Silke Hansen discusses the importance of looking past racial overtones, and focusing on the real issues of a particular conflict.
Silke Hansen discusses a situation in which language was a significant hindrance to the mediation process.
Will Reed recounts a cultural misunderstanding that he had with a group of Native American leaders.
Julian Klugman discusses some of the cultural factors in the L.A. riots, including one of the main reasons why Asian businesses were targeted.
Class differences are more important than racial differences with respect to styles of mediation that work best, Wallace Warfield observes.
Civil rights mediator Efrain Martinez explains how cultural misunderstandings between Vietnamese and local fisherman in Texas caused tensions and eventually a killing (though the killing isn't described here).
Stephen Thom discusses the role his own ethnicity plays in dealing with people from different ethnic backgrounds.