The Third Side: Additional Resources for Mediators

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Additional Resources for Mediators

Short Examples of Mediators

Longer Case Studies of Mediators and other Third Siders in Action

  • The Mediation of a Drunk Driving Death: A Case Development Study - This case describes the use of victim-offender mediation in seriously violent crimes.
  • Facilitation and Mediation in South Africa: Three Case Studies - This paper discusses three case studies of facilitation and mediation in South Africa: 1) facilitation between the South African apartheid establishment and the African National Congress in exile from 1963 to 1989; 2) facilitation that eventually led to mediation between Inkatha and the United Democratic Front in Natal over 10 months from 1985 to 1986; and 3) mediation between the African National Congress and the Afrikaner Freedom Foundation (Afrikaner Vryheidstigting, also known as Avstig) over 18 months from 1991 to 1993.
  • Developing Mediation Services in Kosovo - Partners and Partners-Kosovo founded a community-based mediation service that, in its first year, has built a network of mediators who have helped settle 50 disputes, including neighborhood, property, family, business, employment, minor criminal cases and blood feuds. The impact of the mediation service has been far-reaching, preventing minor disputes from escalating into violence, mitigating threats against large extended families, providing a neutral venue that people trust and respect, and addressing issues and emotions that the province's court system cannot handle.
  • Directive Mediation in Race-linked Environmental Disputes - This article is a case study of a dispute involving "environmental racism" that was successfully resolved by means of mediation.

Internet Resources

  • Mediation Information and Resource Center - The Mediation Information and Resource Center provides information on finding a mediator, general mediation information, access to a conflict information resource center, online mediators, and mediator services.
  • Global Arbitration Mediation Association, Inc. - GAMA's and e-Directories of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals are designed to help disputants find mediators and arbitrators appropriate for resolving their conflicts by permitting searches of the database by number of years of ADR experience, education, credentials, subject matter expertise, associations, geographic location, video conferencing capability, and hourly rate.
  • Association for Conflict Resolution - The Association for Conflict Resolution is a merged organization of the Academy of Family Mediators (AFM), the Conflict Resolution Education Network (CREnet) and the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution. It is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution.
  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service - The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) was created by Congress in 1947 as an independent agency to promote sound and stable labor-management relations.
  • School Mediation Associates - The mission of School Mediation Associates is to transform schools into safer, more caring, and more effective institutions by encouraging young people to become leaders in their schools, by helping students and educators see conflict as an opportunity for personal and institutional growth, and by teaching students and educators the skills to resolve conflict non-violently and collaboratively.
  • ADR Resources - This mediation and dispute resolution resources site, contains substantial amounts of on-line materials for alternative dispute resolution and mediation.
  • Professional Mediation Association - The Professional Mediation Association encourages the development of standards in training and certification in all areas of ADR while providing Industry, Agencies and Individuals with expedited referrals to qualified neutrals.
  • Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Dispute Mediation: A Training Manual - This is a basic manual for training in dispute resolution. It contains definitions on terms and techniques used in dispute resolution matters.
  • Court-Certified Mediator Qualification Requirements in the US - A description of the mediator requirements for court certification in every state.

Print Resources

  • Beer, J. and E. Stief (1997). Mediator's Handbook, Third Edition. New Society Publishing. - This is an introductory text for mediators, with sections on cultural factors that may impact mediation. Beer discusses the effect of mediation techniques, participant behavior, and variations of certain behaviors in different cultures.
  • Bush, B. and J. Folger (1994). The Promise of Mediation: Responding to Conflict through Empowerment and Recognition. San Francisco: Jossey Bass. - This book explores the transformative potential of mediation, discussing what that potential is, why it is important, and how it can be realized in practice. While presenting an alternative vision of conflict — one that values both personal strength and compassion for others — the authors offer a practical, case-illustrated approach to transformative mediation. - Editorial Review
  • Jay Folberg and Alison Taylor (1984). Mediation: A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving Conflicts. San Francisco: Jossey Bass. - This book provides practical, how-to advice for mediating a variety of conflicts, including those arising from divorces, custody and visitation decisions, family conflict, neighborhood grievances, educational disagreements, environmental disputes, and problems in the workplace.
  • Chester Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, and Pamela Aall (2000). Herding Cats: Multiparty Mediation in a Complex World. Herndon, VA: USIP Press. - This major edited volume presents a broad look at the process of international mediation and the significant amount of complexity the process presents. The essays and case studies in this volume were written by experienced international mediators and include a combination of straightforward analysis and engaging narratives.
  • Moore, Christopher (1996). The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict, Second Edition. San Francisco: Jossey Bass. - This book provides an overview of the entire process of mediation and identifies when mediation is appropriate and when it has a high probability of success. The author outlines 12 stages of mediation process and discusses mediator activities that occur prior to mediation and skills used during mediation. He then lays out the steps involved in reaching a settlement and preparing final agreement packages.
  • Ury, William (2000). The Third Side: Why We Fight and How We Can Stop. New York: Penguin. - This book discusses the "Third Side" within situations of conflict: the human differences that lead to misunderstandings, disagreement, and conflict.

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