Philip Gamaghelyan

Phillip Gamaghelyan is the co-founder and co-director of the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation, an organization dedicated to positively transforming relations and laying foundations for lasting and sustainable peace in conflict-torn societies. He is also the co-founder and the former managing editor of the Journal of Conflict Transformation: Caucasus Edition. Phillip initiated and facilitated numerous Azerbaijani-Armenian dialogue and training workshops with diverse audiences including students, politicians, journalists and educators. In addition to the Armenian-Azerbaijani work, Phillip has also served as a consultant, trainer and facilitator for Turkish-Armenian, Arab-Israeli, Indian-Pakistani, Afghani and Georgian-South Ossetian initiatives in collaboration with the Seeds of Peace, Harvard University, Brandeis University, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Princeton University, and George Mason University. Phillip holds an MA degree in conflict resolution from Brandeis University and is currently working on his Ph.D. at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.