D12 - What and Who Did We Miss in this "Literature Review"?

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D12 - What and Who Did We Miss in this "Literature Review"?

We have two discussion questions that relate to this entire unit. The purpose of this unit is to look at the work of a number of our colleagues who have been working on developing a new systems and complexity-oriented paradigm for peacebuilding.  We do not have the time to explore all the ideas of each of these colleagues, nor have we included summaries of all of the people who have been working in similar areas.  So our two questions for you are:

(1) What other ideas from the people we have talked about have you found to be particularly useful in your work?  Put another way, what are their core ideas that have influenced the way you work or think about conflict problems?

(2) What other people should we include in this "literature review" of the "founders" of the complexity-oriented approach to peacebuilding?  What key ideas of theirs have you found particularly useful or influential?  Can you give us citations to sources that talk about ideas?


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