Bruce Dayton: We're at a Crossroads between Tribalism and a New Supra-Ordinate Identity



This post is part of the Constructive Conflict Initiative / COVID-19 Blog


In response to our Constructive Conflict Initiative, Coronavirus mailing, Bruce Dayton,  Associate Professor and Chair, Master in Peace and Justice Leadership and the Executive Director of the CONTACT Peacebuilding Program and the SIT Graduate Institute wrote: "it seems to me that we’re at a crossroads that could reaffirm tribalism, suspicion, and borders or could lead to building a new supra-ordinate identity among people now facing a common foe / threat.  What we collectively do now will determine which of those paths is blazed.  I also see here a chance of connecting the fields of constructive conflicts and crisis management.  I’ve long taught in both and see some common ground that could be very fertile.