Colleague and Context Posts for the Week of January 22

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Newsletter #73 — January 22, 2023

New Format: As we explained in Newsletter 68, we are tentatively shifting our Substack newsletters to a shorter and more frequent format. Please let us know what you think.


With our shift to the new newsletter format, we will, for the first time, be devoting entire newsletter issues to the Colleague Activities and Beyond Intractability in Context sections of Beyond Intractability. 

In the Colleague Activities section, we will continue to highlight some of the many things that those in the conflict and peacebuilding fields are doing to apply and extend our collective insights. These links also provide a window into things that people are doing that give us confidence that, at a societal level, a massively parallel approach to intractable conflict can really work.  Feel free to send us suggestions about organizations and projects that we should include.

The Beyond Intractability in Context section links to fascinating stories that have helped us better understand the extraordinary complexity of today's big intractable conflicts and the many contributions that those outside of our field are making to more constructively address those conflicts.  In order to be effective, it is imperative that those in conflict fields understand this broader context and learn from and incorporate these insights into our work. Again, we would appreciate hearing about links that you find valuable and should be included.


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Colleague Activities

Highlighting things that our conflict and peacebuilding colleagues are doing that contribute to efforts to address the hyper-polarization problem.



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Beyond Intractability in Context

From around the web, more insight into the nature of our conflict problems, limits of business-as-usual thinking, and things people are doing to try to make things better.


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