Substack Newsletter Help

If you signed up for our newsletter, but are not getting it,

  1. Check your spam and "promotions" folder to see if emails have gone there. If so, make sure to "mark as not spam" or "not promotions" in your email client.
  2. Make sure that the email address that we are using for you is correct. If you don't know what email address we have for you, or you want to change it, contact us using our contact form.  (You can also change your address directly on the Substack system).
  3. Add to your contact list. All posts will be sent from this address.
  4. Send an email to This can often cause intermediate email filters to allow incoming messages.
  5. If you are on a corporate or government email account, talk to your IT department and tell them to white list They often have email filters that are out of your individual control and can quickly resolve the issue.
  6. Check the archive to see which posts you have been missing and contact Substack support at
  7. If the above strategies failed to prevent our newsletters from being sent to your Gmail promotions folder, another option is to use Gmail filters to send messages coming from to your "primary" email folder.
  8. Finally, you can contact us directly at and we will work with you to figure out a solution.