Colleague and Context Posts for the Week of February 12

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Newsletter #82 — February 12, 2023


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Colleague Activities

Highlighting things that our conflict and peacebuilding colleagues are doing that contribute to efforts to address the hyper-polarization problem.

  • Effective Problem-Solving Efforts
    Mediators Beyond Borders International — MBBI builds local skills for peace and promotes mediation worldwide. Their approach emphasizes inclusivity and cultural competency. Their multi-disciplinary practitioners uncover and address the many contexts of conflict, including the impact of trauma on communities.
  • Effective Problem-Solving Efforts
    National Association for Community Mediation — A member organization, and a hub for advancing the work of community mediators, aggregating their wisdom and amplifying their voice. Their goal is for community mediation to lead to community mobilization.
  • Escalation Limiting Projects
    International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism — An action based, interdisciplinary, research center working on psychosocial, cultural, political, economic, ideological, and technological topics impacting global peace and security.
  • Big Picture Thinking Projects
    The Karuna Center for Peacebuilding — The Karuna Center bridges deep divides to transform violent conflict to foster reconciliation, interrupt cycles of violence, and strengthen community resilience. They also lead initiatives to bridge damaging social and political divides, and to train local leaders in conflict mitigation techniques during outbreaks of communal violence. 
  • Effective Communication Strategies
    Listen First Project — Listen First Project leads the collaborative movement to heal America by building relationships and bridging divides. They enhance the impact, visibility and voice of the interpersonal bridge building field by aggregating, aligning, and amplifying the efforts of 500 #ListenFirst Coalition partners into large scale, collective campaigns and strategies.
  • Escalation Limiting Projects
    Parallel Networks — A nonprofit organization dedicated to combating polarization, hate and extremism in the United States and contributing to prevention and countering violent extremism efforts elsewhere. Founded by a former Al-Qaeda member and the NYPD officer who arrested him.
  • Escalation Limiting Projects
    The Alternatives To Violence Project-USA — To build an international movement of creative conflict resolution built on affirmation, respect for all, community, cooperation and trust. AVP-USA is an association of community, school and prison-based groups offering experiential workshops in personal growth, community development and creative conflict management.
  • Escalation Limiting Projects
    Cure Violence Global — CVG helps communities to implement violence prevention programs that are effective in significantly reducing violence by using a rational, data-driven, evidence-based and smart approach to crime.


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Beyond Intractability in Context

From around the web, more insight into the nature of our conflict problems, limits of business-as-usual thinking, and things people are doing to try to make things better.


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