Newsletter #10

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Newsletter # 10 --  March 21, 2018

This newsletter is the first substantive newsletter of our spring seminars, so the posts shown here for the Fundamentals and Frontiers Seminars, as well as the Things YOU Can Do To Help Blog are starting over at the beginning.  Most of these were made last year, before we started the Constructive Confrontation Initiative.  Rather than re-doing each of them to show how they relate to this new initiative, we created a new page entitled "Constructive Confrontation Initiative Resources" which explores how this concept relates to our past posts and which posts, in particular, demonstrate explicitly how one can confront conflict in more constructive ways. 

We will be creating new posts soon as well.  All of the upcoming Unit 5 of the Frontiers Seminar, for example, focuses on constructive approaches to conflict which, together, we are terming "massively parallel peacebuilding." The Fundamentals posts will be continuing on with our exploration of conflict overlay factors, all of which need to be identified and remedied in order to be able to constructively address the core of the conflict. So, while sometimes a bit hidden, the notion of "Constructive Confrontation" really infuses all of what we have done already and will be doing as we move forward.  Posts to date for the Constructive Confrontation Initiative are listed below.

Things YOU Can Do To Help Blog

Conflict Frontiers Seminar

Unit 1: Understanding the Intractable Conflict Problem

Conflict Fundamentals Seminar

Unit 1: Understanding the Intractable Conflict Problem

Beyond Intractability in Context Blog