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Anyone who has a serious interest in the topics discussed in the MOOS is welcome to join the MOOS discussions by becoming a registered "discussant." Registration is free, but required.   

What Are We Discussing?

In many (but not all) of the Frontiers Seminar posts we will be posing one or more questions that relate to the key issues addressed in the post.  We hope viewers will share their thoughts on those questions as well as responding to the ideas in the rest of the post.  For example, we hope discussants will: 

  • Add their own general comments to a discussion,
  • Offer examples of problems and solutions discussed in particular posts,
  • Cite the work of others who have addressed similar or related issues (though, perhaps using different terminology),
  • Offer alternative ways of addressing the same general problem (participants should feel free to cite their own work),
  • Identify individuals and organizations working in related areas,
  • Offer constructive criticisms, and
  • Suggest other topics we ought to discuss.

Discussions will be openned up as the posts that they are associated with are posted.  For a listing of current and planned discussions, go to the Discussion-List page. 

Discussion Management and Moderation

We are going to start the discussions slowly, and see how they go.  We are well aware that comment pages on many news sites, as well as places like Facebook and Twitter, can become very nasty very quickly. Unfortunately, we do not (yet) have the funding to follow all the conversations that may develop on the outside social networks, but we are going to try to constrain the conversations that take place here, on the MOOS site, in a number of ways.  

  1. We will be asking a relatively narrow number of focused questions...we won't be entertaining any kind of comment on anything we post. (If you have a comment that doesn't relate to a particular discussion, you are welcome to send it directly to us, using this form.  We're particularly interested in hearing reactions to this MOOS and ideas about ways to make it better, including additional things to cover, things that need to be clarified, good resources to add, etc.)
  2. We are asking all discussants to register with Beyond Intractability and obtain a username and password, which is quick and free.  (Again, even if you registered before on our old system, we have to ask you to register again.  We were unable to move the old registrations over to this new system.) Once logged in, registered users will be able to submit comments to the discussion (the general public has read-only access).  We should note that we will not be automating the registration process as bots have figured out how to get by our "captchas" in the old system.  So we will be monitoring user requests and issuing them by hand.  This may take a day or two to happen, but it is necessary to keep our system "clean."
  3. Though we do not have the funding yet to pre-screen all comments, we will be monitoring (and participating in) the discussions.  If we or other users find comments to be offensive or inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove them and block the user from future posts.  (Posting guidelines, requiring basic civility and respect will be posted clearly on the site.) 

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