Paul Wehr suggests that a central goal of the conflict resolution movement is to make conflict harmless.
Lowell Ewert talks about preventing violence by promoting human rights.
William Ury explains that mediation is only one 'tool' in a peacebuilder's toolbox. There are many more that are needed as well.
William Ury describes the role of the equalizer in intractable conflicts. Equalizers build up the power of the low power group to enable them to be able to negotiate fairly with the other side. This can be done through violence, but it is also very effectively done with nonviolence. Mobilizing world public opinion is especially important and effective now as the globe is shrinking socially, politically, and economically.
Julian Klugman discusses a situation involving a school system, in which empowerment of a minority population was achieved partly through nonviolent direct action.
CRS mediator Ozell Sutton tells how he works with parties to prevent violence during marches and demonstrations.