Things You Can Do to Help Information Graphics

The daunting nature of the challenges that the Constructive Conflict Initiative seeks to address can easily seem impossibly overwhelming and hopeless. It is all too tempting to conclude that we face an insoluble problem and that we might as well revert to "fight it out" mode and hope for the best. As you might suspect, we think that would be a terrible mistake and that there is a realistic strategy for addressing a problem of this scale.

Our approach replaces the quest for a single solution with a "massively parallel" approach that seeks to simultaneously apply the many great ideas that are currently available (or could reasonably be developed) for dealing with the many different aspects of intractable conflicts. The ideas are summarized in the continually evolving "Action List" of steps that could be taken in many different social settings to address key aspects of the problem. While some of the actions on the list will obviously require major efforts involving many people and organizations, other actions refer to the sort of changes that we could all make in our daily lives.

A sampling of such suggestions is illustrated in the following infographics. Feel free to use these however they are useful, as long as the use is not commercial).  According to the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, also please don't alter them or remove the attribution information.