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The MOOS is an online exploration of the tough challenges raised by the
Constructive Conflict Initiative 

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  • Partners Global Together for Democratic Change -- Advancing the common good is something that we must do in partnership with one another. Partners Global helps make partnerships work. #mbi_colleague --
  • Donations and Support Needed! -- Beyond Intractability is launching a Go Fund Me campaign to raise a little money to cover core program expenses. Please contribute what you can. #mbi_challenge --
  • The New Nuclear Arms Race -- An important reminder that protecting the world from the dangers of nuclear war requires continued vigilance #mbi_context --
  • Business As Usual-4: Power and the Power Strategy Mix -- What is power? The ability to get things done? The ability to push other people around? Which is right? (Actually, they both are.) #mbi_frontiers --
  • Don't Take the "Hate Bait" -- Hate begets hate, fear, anger, and eventually violence. Don't fall into the trap! And if you are in, climb out! #mbi_to_do --
  • Bridge Alliance -- An organization of organizations that are actively working to bridge the partisan divide that is undermining democratic institutions. #mbi_colleague --
  • Oppression and Conflict: Introduction -- Amid today's efforts to actually do something about oppression, it's worth stepping back and thinking about what the term actually means. #mbi_fundamentals --
  • Trump Is Winning the Online War -- A look at how far the new world of social network-based political speech has come from the ideal of democratic debate (and the partisan gap). #mbi_context --
  • Practice (and Preach) Civility in Public and Private Discourse -- Incivility begets more of the same, while civil discourse can help de-escalate conflict and improve relationships. #mbi_to_do --
  • Network Weaver -- One of our Colleague Activities posts highlights Network Weaver's tools for strengthening large-scale complex systems. #mbi_colleague --
  • The Backlash Effect & Coefficient -- The Backlash Coefficient – measuring the degree to which the quest for victory intensifies, rather than subdues, the opposition. #mbi_frontiers --
  • Forget STEM, We Need MESH -- A call for an educational system that de-emphasizes high-tech STEM fields and promotes civic understanding and participation. #mbi_context --
  • Colleague Activities Blog -- Our biggest reason for optimism is the existence of a large number of sophisticated, ongoing efforts to address the intractable conflict problem. #mbi_colleague = --
  • Conflicts and Disputes -- Distinguishing between conflicts and disputes is the first step toward developing a successful engagement strategy. #mbi_fundamentals --
  • The American Medical System Is One Giant Workaround -- A look at the haphazard nature of the American medical system and a window into how large-scale, complex systems become so dysfunctional. #mbi_context --
  • Complex Adaptive Systems -- Successfully working with complex system requires us to challenge many of our assumptions and understand the limits of rational planning. #mbi_fundamentals --
  • Marc Benioff: We Need a New Capitalism -- A billionaire's welcome appeal for a new kind of capitalism where companies work to advance societal, not just shareholder, interests. #mbi_context --
  • Seek Co-existence, Not Total Victory -- The demand for total victory is a recipe for continuing and deepening strife--co-existence is essential for peace. #mbi_to_do --
  • Conflict Fundamentals Seminar/Blog -- To be successful, any effort to advance the conflict field will require an understanding of, and a willingness to build upon, the field's existing insights. #mbi_fundamentals --
  • The Return of "I'll Fight You for It" Rules -- Are efforts to solve problems collaboratively losing to naked contests of Machiavellian power? #mbi_frontiers --
  • Americans’ Views of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Capitalism’ In Their Own Words -- An interesting window into how people think about the relative merits of socialist and capitalist economic systems. #mbi_context --
  • Our Most Important Conflict: Coexisters vs. Fighters vs. Divide & Conquerors -- We need to resist "divide and conqueror" efforts to control society by exacerbating and exploiting left/right tensions. #mbi_frontiers --
  • SMU Professor Teaches Students How To Dialogue Without Arguing -- A report on an effort to better teach an essential life skill, constructively and respectfully debating controversial issues. #mbi_context --
  • The poverty of partisan identity -- An insightful call for the kind of identity politics that reaches beyond partisanship to encompass other aspects of our lives. #mbi_context --
  • Conflict Frontiers Seminar Series & Blog -- The challenge of intractable conflict requires a willingness to consider, debate, and refine new ideas for advancing the frontier of the conflict field. #mbi_frontiers --