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The MOOS is an online exploration of the tough challenges raised by the
Constructive Conflict Initiative 

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  • Not All Identities Are Created Equal -- An especially insightful and in-depth examination of the complexities of our overlapping identities #mbi_context --
  • Don't Panic! -- With the election finally upon us, a relatively optimistic argument for putting worst-case scenarios in proper perspective. #mbi_context --
  • Moving Beyond Intractability Newsletter #36 -- Those who have been working globally on conflict and peacebuilding projects are now applying that expertise to the deep divisions within US society. #mbi_fundamentals --
  • The Floor of Decency -- A call for folks on both the left and the right to start rebuilding the sense of common decency that has collapsed in the Trump era. #mbi_context --
  • Waging Nonviolence -- An independent, non-profit media platform dedicated to providing original reporting and expert analysis of social movements around the world. #mbi_colleague --
  • So What -- A list of six things we all can do to move forward in these fightening and chaotic times. #mbi_cci --
  • Five Great Things Biden Has Already Done -- The most hopeful (and realistic) article that I have read about prospects for getting beyond the United States' destructive hyper-polarization. #mbi_context --
  • Put Down the Brick…A Commentary on Community Economics -- We need to remember that difference is strength, and we should learn from and appreciate our differences, not fight them. #mbi_cci --
  • “I Cover Civil Wars. The State of America Right Now Makes Me Anxious.” -- A reminder that the goal can't just be to defeat President Trump. We have to repair and renew our society. #mbi_context --
  • Millions of Conversations -- Reaching across the U.S. to disrupt cycles of hate, combat misinformation, and challenge harmful stereotypes across all divides. #mbi_colleague --
  • Kickoff Video for Living Room Conversation Election 2020: Moving Forward Together -- Recorded conversation with four leading political activists and two dialogue facilitators concerning the election. #mbi_colleague --
  • The end of democracy? To many Americans, the future looks dark if the other side wins -- Moving beyond our destructive, us-or-them politics, will require the winners in next week's election to offer the losers a future they can live with. #mbi_context --
  • Humiliation -- Providing face saving opportunities makes it much easier for people to admit their mistakes. Humiliating them makes it almost impossible. --
  • The TRUST Network: Creating Connections Across Communities -- A broad network/platform designed to prevent violent conflict before, during and after the U.S. 2020 elections. #mbi_colleague --
  • The most essential books of the Trump era are barely about Trump at all -- A big picture look at what we collectively think about the Trump era and an attempt to separate noise from genuine insight. #mbi_context --
  • Election 2020: Moving Forward Together -- #MoveFwdTogether offers space and time to begin processing and healing with our fellow Americans – no matter how the election turns out. #mbi_colleague --
  • Don’t Give Up on America -- For a time when everyone seems focused on all the things that are wrong with America, a plea for celebrating and strengthening the good things. #mbi_context --
  • Third Siders -- Transforming our destructive politics will require the efforts of lots of different "3rd siders" -- each working on a different part of the problems. #mbi_cci --
  • Yala Young Leaders -- A movement of young people across the Middle East and North Africa who are breaking down divisions and barriers to form a shared community. #mbi_colleague --
  • Collapsing Levels of Trust Are Devastating America  -- An extensive and thoughtful analysis of the causes, effects, and possible remedies for the deep distrust that permeates and is undermining US society. #mbi_context --
  • Collapsing Levels of Trust Are Devastating America  -- An extensive and thoughtful analysis of the causes, effects, and possible remedies for the deep distrust that permeates and is undermining US society. #mbi_context --
  • The Global Decline of Religion -- A global look at the complex and changing role of religion in national culture – a big source of conflict. #mbi_context --
  • Acting Together on the World Stage -- Featuring an hour-long documentary, two-volume anthology, shorter videos and teaching/learning resources. #mbi_colleague --
  • Ethos of Conflict -- Since the conflict ethos feeds continuation of the conflict, that needs to change for conflicts to be resolved. #mbi_fundamentals --
  • The 1619 Chronicles -- A critique of the 1619 Chronicles and an argument that, by overstating their case, they may have undermined, rather than advanced, their objectives. #mbi_context --