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The MOOS is an online exploration of the tough challenges raised by the
Constructive Conflict Initiative 

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  • Destructive Conflict is the Most Serious Threat to Our Common Future -- The first step toward addressing the intractable conflict problem is understanding the many threats posed by these conflicts. #mbi_challenge --
  • Intractable Conflict Challenge -- Beyond Intractability's many activities are focused on the enormous challenges posed by complex, large-scale, intractable conflict. #mbi_challenge --
  • Fall 2019 MBI and CCI Update -- This fall, Beyond Intractability is starting a new online seminar and taking the next step in its Constructive Conflict Initiative. #mbi_challenge --
  • Beyond Intractability Homepage Updates -- Recent upgrades to the BI homepage and website structure provide better support for the Constructive Conflict Initiative and better access to BI learning materials. --