Newsletter # 21 --  Oct 26, 2018

Newsletter # 21 --  Oct 26, 2018

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We have now started adding new Frontiers material again, so we are re-starting the newsletter.  We have decided to restructure the Conflict Frontiers Seminar to turn it into a seminar series, making the earlier "units" into their own (more manageably sized) seminars that now include, in addition to the original Conflict Frontiers posts, related material from our other seminars (e.g., the Conflict Fundamentals Seminars, The BI-in-Context Blog, and the Things You Can Do to Help Blog.

Before we continued on from where we had left off in September, we decided it would be worth re-posting the original material, since so many of our users have come in after our initial "beginning."  So the first new posts are an introduction to the new Conflict Frontiers Structure, and then Seminars 1 through 6, which review the materials that have been posted over the last two years.  Today we are starting Seminar 7, which is new, and is focused on what we (and others) are calling the "Authoritarian Populism Problem."  We will include that in the next newsletter.

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