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  • Sabrina Tavernse evaluates how Colorado was able to cut teen pregnancy by 40 percent from 2009-2013 by offering free long acting birth control to low income women in this New York Times Article.
    New Strategy in Addressing Teen Pregnancy --
  • In this essay in the Washington Post E.J. Dionne Jr. looks at the paradoxical relationship between liberation movements and how it may be influencing the rise of religious fundamentalism.
    Paradox of Fundamentalism --
  • The New York Times examines the most recent disputes in Congress and the courts over climate change legislation, exploring what will have to be overcome in order to make progress.
    Climate Change Disuptes --
  • Thomas B. Edsall of the New York Times take an in-depth look at how changes in the affordable housing legislation could change the political environment, and who will ultimately win.
    Affordable Housing and Politics --
  • Nicholas Kristoff argues that the best way to prevent abortions is through Title X programs, and asks how the House Republicans can defend their proposal to eliminate the program in order to eliminate funding for abortion.
    Title X Funding and Doing the Right Thing --
  • Every day in the news, it feels like the world is falling apart. Zack Beauchamp of Vox has compiled 11 maps and charts that show that now is actually the best time in all of human history.
    Despite the News, Things are Actually Getting Better --