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  • Many Shades of the U.S. at War -- A provocative essay on the diversity of the US military, the fragmentation of Iraq & Syria, & Trump's divisiveness. --
  • Most Shortsighted Attack on Free Speech -- A timely reminder of the importance of protecting free speech, even at the expense of allowing hate speech. --
  • Trump Vote Regret -- From a prominent (& now regretful) Trump supporter, an explanation of his initial support & why he changed his mind --
  • Combating Online Radicalization -- An update on efforts to combat the online radicalization of violent extremists (including domestic US hate groups). --
  • How to Make Fun of Nazis -- How to Make Fun of Nazis -- a confrontation strategy that is less likely to lead to violent escalation. --
  • Hamilton 68 -- From the German Marshall Fund, a real-time dashboard for tracking Russian influence operations on Twitter. --
  • The Chilling Effects of Openly Displayed Firearms -- Welcome to the dangerous new world of political protest in the era of open carry laws, long guns, and flak jackets! --
  • What Trump Gets Wrong About Antifa -- Realistic comparison of the influence and threats presented by fascist movements on the right & the left's "Antifa" --
  • Our House Divided -- A somewhat reassuring essay on the likelihood of current political tensions leading to large-scale violence. --
  • Charlottesville Through A Different Lens -- Provocative food for thought: "What if Western media covered Charlottesville the same way it covers other nations?" --
  • Godfather of a Democratic Renaissance -- A Thomas Edsall update on successes of the "Democratic Renaissance" and the considerable challenges it still faces. --
  • What Moderates Believe -- For our polarized society, a welcome effort to outline and defend the core beliefs of political moderates. --
  • How to Hate Each Other Peacefully in a Democracy -- A thoughtful exploration of one of today's big questions: how can we hate each other peacefully in a democracy? --
  • Trump’s Threat of War With North Korea -- A somewhat persuasive & reassuring argument: "Trump's Threat of War With North Korea May Sound Scarier Than It Is". --
  • Effective Arms Against North Korea -- Sometimes there are no military solutions: North Korea's missiles are secure from everything but a nuclear attack. --
  • A New Democratic Platform -- A hopeful story about "New Democracy" and its efforts to chart a middle ground between our two political extremes. --
  • The Massacre That Ended the Arab Spring -- The story of the Rabaa Massacre, for folks (like me) who did not understand how the Arab Spring ended. --
  • The Alt-Right and Russia -- Don't read too much into this. Still, the connection between the Russians and the alt-right is part of the story. --
  • Division in the Democratic Party -- Sometimes going for the big win can lead to catastrophe. Is the Democratic shift to the left such a case? --
  • A New Kind of Fight in Charlottesville -- A reminder that we are struggling to do something that's never been done: build a diverse society that really works --
  • Trump, Obama and the Politics of Evasion -- A provocative comparison of the way in which the left and the right respond to violent extremism. --
  • Checking Privilege Checking -- An argument that calls to "check one's privilege" undermine (don't support) efforts to address to social inequities --
  • Trump Knows How To Push Our Buttons -- An assessment of Donald Trump's tactic of pushing the left's buttons, & the Democratic Party's "Better Deal." --
  • A Party In Denial -- Republican reform will have to come from the right, not the left. A welcome call for change from Sen. Flake. --
  • The Three Paradoxes Disrupting American Politics -- Three paradoxes that opened the door to fake-news-based politics (paradoxes that will also probably outlast Trump). --