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  • The Closing of the Republican Mind -- An exploration of the implications of the terms: cognitive elite, creative class, cosmopolitan class, & plutonomy. --
  • The Left’s Inversion of Anti-Semitism -- From Israel, a controversial but provocative exploration of the implications of two recent cases of anti-Semitism. --
  • Shariah's Winding Path Into Modernity -- For those wanting to go beyond superficial demonization, a description of "Sharia's winding path into modernity." --
  • Israel & The Iran Nuclear Deal -- From a former head of Shin Bet, a hopeful argument that the "Iranian nuclear deal has been a blessing for Israel." --
  • Why Russia Would Help Trump -- For those trying to understand motivations, an explanation of why Russia wanted to help Trump. --
  • Saudi Arabia's Botched Campaign -- Saudi Arabia's campaign against Qatar, another example of how ill-considered threats can backfire. --
  • The 'Witch Hunt' Russia Narrative -- From the conservative National Review, an explanation of why the Russia story is not business-as-usual politics. --
  • Trump's Enablers -- Six profiles trying to understand the motivations of those who could, but don't, challenge Trump's excesses. --
  • War Ravaged Mosul -- Photographic evidence of the destruction of Mosul--another reminder of the enormous tragedy of war. --
  • Gathering Storm vs.Crisis of Confidence -- The promise & perils of trying to understand today by looking at historical parallels from the 1930s & 1970s. --
  • Nourish Your Political Soul -- A summer project to nourish your political soul: pick a problem, look at it from all sides, think it through. --
  • The Right Versus Academia -- We must constructively address the right's distrust/hatred of academia (or risk losing the benefits of expertise). --
  • Words As Violence -- An argument worth considering: Why it's a bad idea to tell students words are violence. --
  • Fear of Falling / Love of Trump -- From Thomas Edsall, an explanation of why so many relatively successful people support Trump. --
  • Trump Transforming Rural America -- More listening: a case study of how Trump is transforming the way one rural Colorado town thinks about politics. --
  • Stiglitz: Here's How to Fix Inequality -- An important new Stiglitz book on fixing the inequality problem. How can we build a consensus for implementation? --
  • Let’s Get Excited About Maintenance! -- An argument for getting more people excited about maintaining what we have (rather than creating something new). --
  • Curiosity Underemphasized -- A genuinely sound idea for improving education: cultivate curiosity. --
  • John McCain's Speech -- McCain's speech says much that needs to be said. How can we get more politicians to fight for these principles? --
  • Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting -- From the perspective of someone experienced in "spy craft," an analysis of the Trump Jr. Russia meeting. --
  • Turkey's Erdogan on the Defensive -- A profile of Turkey's giant nonviolent protest March. What can be done to help more such efforts succeed? --
  • Bill Browder's Testimony -- Must-read testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee explaining Russian money laundering and the Magnitsky Act --
  • Are you a Dream Hoarder? -- Tough questions and a game for those fortunate enough to be in the top 20%, are you a "dream hoarder?" --
  • Male Unemployment & Video Games -- Yet another factor in the complex causes of inequality, video games have gotten too good! --
  • Declaration of Disruption -- At a time when everyone seems to want to be a "disrupter," pray for those who promote stability. --