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  • The Alt-Right and Russia -- Don't read too much into this. Still, the connection between the Russians and the alt-right is part of the story. --
  • Division in the Democratic Party -- Sometimes going for the big win can lead to catastrophe. Is the Democratic shift to the left such a case? --
  • A New Kind of Fight in Charlottesville -- A reminder that we are struggling to do something that's never been done: build a diverse society that really works --
  • Trump, Obama and the Politics of Evasion -- A provocative comparison of the way in which the left and the right respond to violent extremism. --
  • Checking Privilege Checking -- An argument that calls to "check one's privilege" undermine (don't support) efforts to address to social inequities --
  • Trump Knows How To Push Our Buttons -- An assessment of Donald Trump's tactic of pushing the left's buttons, & the Democratic Party's "Better Deal." --
  • The Three Paradoxes Disrupting American Politics -- Three paradoxes that opened the door to fake-news-based politics (paradoxes that will also probably outlast Trump). --
  • A Party In Denial -- Republican reform will have to come from the right, not the left. A welcome call for change from Sen. Flake. --
  • The Risk of a Nuclear Catastrophe Under Trump -- Alas, it's again time to think about the unthinkable: "The Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe under Trump." --
  • A Nuclear North Korea -- Sensible thinking on the tough choices posed by North Korea's rapidly advancing nuclear arsenal. --
  • Trump’s Russian Laundromat -- Explanation of how international money laundering makes corruption possible (and the alleged role of Trump, Inc). --
  • Killing Obamacare Softly -- Killing Obamacare "Softly"--heartbreaking explanation of the rationale for preventing the government from working. --
  • Empathy Gadgets -- Empathy gadgets for helping caregivers better understand patients. We need something like this for conflict. --
  • The Kremlin & The Magnitsky Act -- Eye-opening explanation of the relationship between the Magnitsky Act, corruption, and US/Russia relations. --
  • Battle of the Botnets -- Case study: Battle of the Botnets – Trump's fans and foes go head-to-head with Twitter bots. --
  • A.I. Dystopia -- Maybe one of the the A.I. dystopias is already here: conflicts driven by battling, trolling, bots. --
  • Faster than a Speeding Congressman -- An exploration of the implications of the rise of inexperienced political leaders, on both the left and the right. --
  • Trump Boomerang Effect -- Trump and Kenneth Boulding's Law of Political Irony: things you do to help people often hurt them (& vice versa). --
  • How to Make Congress Bipartisan -- A genuinely promising and realistic strategy for fixing Congress. Something worth fighting for? --
  • Tunisia, a Success Story? -- A reasonably upbeat update on the most successful of the Arab spring revolutions – Tunisia. --
  • Who Hasn't Trump Offended -- Understanding the United States' changing relationship with the world: those who Trump has and hasn't offended. --
  • Why Don't the 1 Percent Feel Rich? -- Useful new acronym: HENRY (high earning, not rich yet)--part of why the 1% is driven to accumulate even more. --
  • New Technology and Fake Videos -- The astonishing capabilities of the new world of fake video technology. How will we be able to tell what is real? --
  • Trump's Trolls and America's Civil Servants -- Internet trolls are waging war on America's civil servants--yet another front in the battle to save democracy. --
  • Trump’s Flirtation with Violence -- A reflection on the dangers of Trump's flirtation with political violence. What happens if Trump is impeached? --