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  • The Puzzle of Hurricane Patterns -- Hurricanes and a revealing look into why it is so hard to understand exactly how humans are changing the climate. --
  • America's Liberal Logjam -- Foreign Affairs exploration of the conflict between liberals and the new identitarians. --
  • Korean Missile Crisis -- An excellent analysis of where we now stand with North Korea, the role of deterrence, and what the US must do. --
  • Three Cheers for Cultural Appropriation -- In light of the debate over cultural appropriation, thoughtful defense of cultural diffusion & cross-fertilization. --
  • New Education Buzzwords -- What the new education buzzwords actually mean: "grit", "mindsets", and "stereotype threat". --
  • How To Regulate Artificial Intelligence -- A sensible and much-needed initial proposal for three rules that should regulate artificial intelligence. --
  • Twelve Ways To Spot A Bot -- 21st century survival skills: "12 Ways to Spot a Bot" (tricks for identifying fake social media accounts). --
  • Losing The Information War -- Review and link to an important new paper that looks into the reality of the information war (which is going badly) --
  • Trump & Evangelicals -- More trying to understand the other side: "Why most evangelicals don't condemn trump." --
  • Outlawing War? It Actually Worked -- A surprising look back at the long shadow of the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 and the delegitimization of conquest. --
  • Prospects Of Janitors In The 80s Vs. Now -- A Labor Day "then and now" comparison of the lives of janitors in high-tech companies, and the rise of inequality. --
  • Moral Trauma -- A provocative account of how the events in Charlottesville influenced the thinking of one person who was there. --
  • Humor In The Face of Nazis -- An alternative, clown-based strategy for preventing white supremacists from achieving the goals of their rallies. --
  • Zapatista Rebels Venture Into Politics -- In hopeful news, "In a Mexico 'Tired of Violence,' Zapatista Rebels Venture into Politics" and forsake violence. --
  • The Potential Damage of Five-Hundred-Year Flooding -- Adapting to climate change, graphics showing how hard it will be to live in a world of frequent, 500 year floods. --
  • Fascism, American Style -- A succinct and persuasive summary of the issues that make the Arpaio pardon so disturbing. --
  • Mattis, Trump and North Korea -- Foreign Policy's assessment of the increasing risk of war with North Korea: "Mattis Just Out-Trumped Trump." --
  • America's Deadly Divide -- An increasingly relevant summary of events leading to the American Civil War (with important lessons for today). --
  • Forest Service Fire Watch -- For those focused on hurricanes, horrifying graphics showing how much of the West is literally burning down. --
  • We Need To Start Befriending Neo-Nazis -- An argument for challenging neo-Nazism by befriending and then persuading it's adherents to change their minds. --
  • 'Intersectionality': A Code Word For Anti-Semitism -- The disturbing implications of the new concept of "intersectionality." We need a better way to fight for justice. --
  • What Kills Inequality -- The Great Leveler - a long-term look at the violent history of efforts to reduce inequality. We need to do better. --
  • The Science of Snobbery -- Another big driver of inequality: "The Science of Snobbery: How We're Duped Into Thinking Fancy Things Are Better". --
  • On Saving the Far-Right Protestor -- An inspiring story of the kind of courage that blocking the violent escalation of political conflict requires. --
  • Cyberwar: A Guide -- Cyberwar: A guide to the frightening future of online conflict as seen from the techie perspective of ZDNet. --