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  • Conflict in the Republican Party -- Excellent analysis of the ongoing conflict for control of the Republican Party. --
  • Maps to Explain Terrorism -- 33 great maps, providing useful insights into the history and current status of the terrorism problem. --
  • Anxieties to Address -- Why aren’t more constructive leaders seriously addressing the anxieties that underlie Trump’s appeal? --
  • Safety and Risk -- A provocative essay exploring the relationship between the search for safety and the tradition of risk-taking. --
  • Hate Searches -- Good article on a new concept, “hate search,” and the new window it provides into the way societies think. --
  • Finding Climate Consensus -- Negotiation tactics matter--how one strategy played a crucial role in the Paris climate talks. --
  • Politician's Truthfulness -- PolitiFact’s tabulation of the truthfulness of 17 political leaders. --
  • Re-framing the Environment -- Review of two new books suggesting, from both the left & the right a different way to think about the environment. --
  • Gun Control and Other Solutions -- Time to recognize that gun control efforts have, historically, made the problem worse. What else can be done? --
  • Radical Islam by the Numbers -- A provocative challenge to the conventional wisdom on Radical Islam–-something worth debating. --
  • The Implications of Political Correctness -- An excellent exploration of the political conflict implications surrounding the use of the term “politically correc --
  • Using the Term 'Fascist' -- Before using the word “fascist” to describe Trump, we ought to be clear about its meaning and applicability. --
  • ISIS's Radical True Believers -- Informative article rediscovering Eric Hoffer’s “True Believers” in light of ISIS. --
  • Moving Towards Fascist Rhetoric? -- Is it time to start asking terrible questions about whether our political rhetoric is edging toward fascism? --
  • Approaches to Terrorism -- A thoughtful comparison of cultural differences in Obama’s and the GOP’s approach to terrorism. --
  • Trump's Ominous Language -- A great exploration of how Trump's use of language is reshaping US political conflict. --
  • The Arithmetic of Compassion -- Interesting exploration of the relationship between compassion and group size (tragedies and statistics). --
  • The Costs of Growth -- A provocative exploration of the relationship between economic growth and efforts to limit climate change. --
  • Climate Change and Our Relationship with Nature -- For the Climate Change Conference–-an interesting essay on the relationship between the social and natural worlds. --
  • The Need for a New Atomic Age -- Are destructive conflict dynamics undermining new nuclear technologies that could help limit climate change? --
  • Community Education Reform -- A really interesting community-based rather than an individually-focused educational reform strategy. --
  • World War III -- For those worried about “perfect storm” conflict–-a comparison between current events at the start of World War I. --
  • Fear of Terrorism during Presidential Elections -- A well reasoned and documented essay on the US political implications of the increasing fear of terrorism. --
  • Everyone Feels They're Losing in Politics -- Interesting poll--everybody but well-educated Democrats think that they’re losing. --
  • Reigning in University Costs -- An exceptionally good essay on how to address the runaway costs and other problems of higher education. --