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  • An intriguing idea for reforming elections in ways that could empower compromise-oriented candidates. -- Exploring Majority Rule --
  • An interesting and in-depth exploration of an important question: When does history do more harm than good? -- The Cult of Memory --
  • From the Harvard Business Review: "How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill" -- Emotional Intelligence and Leadership --
  • Another big and not widely considered contributor to the inequality problem--luck. -- Luck Matters --
  • A sad, but all too common, story of victims of discrimination who are also perpetrators of discrimination. -- Black in Algeria? --
  • A surprising and important contributor to economic weakness-–more prudent consumers. -- The Economy’s Real Drag: Consumers --
  • An excellent Kristof article asking liberals to consider how they are contributing to our conflict problems. -- Liberal Intolerance --
  • Good article about and link to Obama's speech at Howard University--great advice for social justice advocates. -- Obama's Speech at Howard --
  • An insightful comparison of the benefits of self compassion (as opposed to self-esteem). -- Self-Compassion Works Better Than Self-Esteem --
  • Great explanation of crucial role of the "second demographic transition" in shaping US political conflict. -- The Great Trump Reshuffle --
  • Another convincing contributor to conflict problems–-cultural changes that have produced an "explosion of choice." -- The Choice Explosion --
  • From Scientific American, interesting article on scientific explanations for the liberal/conservative divide. -- The Cultural Divide in Politics --
  • A long, MUST-READ analysis with fresh insights into the many crises facing US and other "late-stage" democracies. -- Democracies End When They Are Too Democratic --
  • From Scientific American, an interesting article on the "scientifically proven" secrets of successful parenting. -- Secrets of Successful Parenting --
  • A persuasive argument that those who try to help us understand society can't do so from inside the "elite bubble." -- Time to Take the Long View --
  • Surprising statistics reminding us again of the need to take the risk of conflict catastrophes seriously. -- Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely --
  • Great statistics illuminating the emergence of class as the central political fault line in the United States. -- How the Other Fifth Lives --
  • A provocative video emphasizing the shortcomings of simple empathy & the need for sophisticated problem-solving. -- Is Empathy Bad? --
  • Interesting window into the complex calculations of gender pay equity in the United States. -- The Gender Wage Gap --
  • Interesting statistics on the sharply more optimistic views of emerging (as opposed to rich, developed) societies. -- Developing Economies are More Optimistic --
  • Declining birth rates among millennials–-is it enough to threaten the "sustainability" of the next generation? -- The Childless Millennial --
  • Great Ted talk on the dangers of "single-story" stereotypes and strategies for overcoming them. -- The Danger of a Single Story --
  • Interesting statistics about how the United States really is exceptional. -- When Americans Stand Out --
  • Another key to understanding United States' big conflict–-the relationship between education and politics. -- Education Causes an Ideological Gap --
  • Another reason why democracy is in trouble--the growing unwillingness to accept the legitimacy of political defeat. -- The Cult of Sore Losers --