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  • The Trump-Sanders Fantasy -- Thorough analysis of the possibility of a populist coalition on the left and the right. --
  • Killer Robots -- New word: third offset strategy--a new ultra high tech arms race with things like swarming robot killer drones. --
  • Funds to Fight Problems -- Gates gives $2 billion to fight climate change. How can we get money like that to address the conflict problem? --
  • The Difference between Political Correctness and Protecting Basic Liberties -- Good essay on political correctness, the election, and the motivations of Trump supporters. --
  • Making Political Promises -- Hard questions about the importance of realistic strategies for supporters of a progressive US political revolution --
  • The Perfect Campaign Speech -- From fivethirtyeight, the perfect pandering stump speeches for Democrats and Republicans! Political lessons? --
  • The Real Divide in the Middle East -- For those of us watching events unfold from afar, a provocative view on the rapidly changing Middle East conflict. --
  • Where Koch and Sanders Agree -- If there is such a thing as a peace feeler in US politics, this may be it. It ought to be vigorously pursued. --
  • ISIS Meets its Match -- A rare and potentially quite instructive story of a successful effort to oppose the Islamic state! --
  • Kindness Makes Relationships Work -- A timely reminder that we really do know important things about what makes relationships work. --
  • Reality on Immigration -- Great stats putting immigration fears in proper context. --
  • Partisan Divides in Personal Lives -- More evidence that the partisan divide has emerged as the biggest and most bitter fault line in US society. --
  • The Renewal of the Working Class -- Stories of the grassroots efforts of working-class communities to meet the challenges that they face. --
  • Syria's Deathtoll -- New Syria statistics–a type of catastrophe comparable with WMD nightmares. We must learn how to prevent them! --
  • "Presidentialist" Democracy -- Thoughtful essay/links explaining how the structure of US presidential democracy is contributing to its problems. --
  • The Many Mideast Solutions -- A sobering inventory of emerging foreign policy challenges. We need to know how the candidates will respond. --
  • Triumphalist Religiosity -- Great essay on a belief system that exceeds the bounds of tolerance and coexistence–-triumphalist religiosity. --
  • Obama's Highlights -- As a counterpoint to widespread Obama bashing, thoughtful reflections on the positive aspects of his presidency. --
  • Academics in Foxholes -- Excellent retrospective on Human Terrain Teams and efforts to integrate the social sciences and military operations --
  • International Affairs Degree in Five Minutes -- An interesting approach to public education–-a BA in international relations in five minutes! --
  • Secular Stagnation -- For those trying to understand the mysteries & threats of today's economy, a free mini-book on secular stagnation. --
  • Campaign Reform Coalition -- Strong argument for the conservative side of a 99% coalition for campaign-finance reform. What about liberals? --
  • Empowered Women, Stable State -- Persuasive argument that the treatment of women is one of the best predictors of state stability. --
  • Social Media and Successful Revolutions -- Wael Ghonim asks the all important question: how can social media help revolutions succeed not just happen. --
  • Peace When -- A new option for Israeli-Palestinian peace in the face of today's intractability--the "Peace When" movement. --