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  • Undercover With The Alt-Right -- An undercover window into the world of white supremacists. Don't overgeneralize, very few people are like this. --
  • Extended Adolescence -- Another window into how changing social conditions are leading to changing lifestyles and cultures (& conflicts). --
  • The Research Pirates of the Dark Web -- For those concerned about the stranglehold that journal publishers have placed on academic research... --
  • Can Centrism Be a Movement? -- Can centrism in the pursuit of compromise and common ground be a political movement? I sure hope so! --
  • Another Take on Cheap Speech -- More on the debate over what to do about the "cheap speech" problem. --
  • The Danger of Foreign Propaganda -- From former UN Amb. Samantha Power , a sobering explanation of "Why Foreign Propaganda Is More Dangerous Now." --
  • The Invisible Threat -- Amidst the focus on nuclear proliferation, an argument for taking the biological weapons threat more seriously. --
  • Cheap Speech -- Speech in "America is fast, cheap, and out-of-control"--ideas for addressing the "cheap speech" problem. --
  • Love in the Time of Individualism -- A window into the rapidly changing nature of romantic relationships (and the resulting cultural conflicts). --
  • Facebook's Ad Scandal -- The Facebook/Russian ad scandal reveals the dark side of Facebook's business model (It's a feature not a 'fail'). --
  • Macron's Model of Revitalization -- An interview with Pres. Macron outlining his more constructive response to tensions similar to what the US faces. --
  • Sleeping Giants -- One strategy for combating media outlets that promote hate and divisiveness--shame their advertisers. --
  • America's Complacent Class -- An essay on the conflict between those who favor stability (& complacency) and those seeking something new. --
  • Censorship & China's Internet -- From China, a look at what it's like to try to "protect" society by controlling the Internet. --
  • Full James Damore Memo  -- More understanding the opinions of others: the full text of the controversial Damore (Google) memo on diversity. --
  • Be Ready, Democrats -- A cautionary tale for progressives: "resistance" is not enough, you need agreement on a positive alternative agenda --
  • The Dying Art of Disagreement -- An eloquent defense of the dying (yet much needed) art of disagreement. --
  • Best Defense Against the Information War -- A more realistic defense against propaganda and Russia's information war: promoting civic education. --
  • A Divider, Not Uniter -- Trump seems to be extraordinarily good at promoting divisiveness; how can we better respond? --
  • How Strong Men Co-opted Democracy -- "How strong men co-opted democracy" -- a caution for those who see democracy as the alternative to authoritarianism --
  • When Trump Says Jump -- A well-documented argument that "issues" are less important than "partisanship"--what matters is who is winning. --
  • Antifa: Guardians Against Fascism or Lawless Thrill-seekers? -- A look into the complex and varied motivations of antifa activists. --
  • Cultural Spectrums of Emotion & Conflict -- A matrix highlighting stereotypical cultural differences between countries--a reminder that we are not all the same --
  • Automatic for the Peaceful -- Provocative (and controversial) initiative: using social media bots to promote peace not hate. --
  • 5 Facts About Illegal Immigration in the U.S. -- Irony of ironies, illegal immigration pretty much stopped under Obama! --