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  • 'Our Minds Can Be Hijacked' -- The emerging smart phone dystopia is hijacking our minds. How can we prevent this? --
  • "Check Your Privilege" -- Tough question: what is the relationship between generous parents making good decisions and undesirable "privilege. --
  • Education in the Age of Outrage -- An explanation of how the call-out culture can threaten, not advance, our ability to solve tough social problems. --
  • Coming Apart -- Why America is coming apart, an explanation of the political utility of "mobilizing the base" by stoking anger. --
  • Broken Politics In A Chart -- Updated graphics with, perhaps, the most stunning visualization of how far our politics is deteriorated. --
  • Social Media & Democracy -- Pierre Omidyar: 6 ways social media has become a direct threat to democracy. How can we fix these problems? --
  • How Immigration Foiled Hillary -- From Thomas Edsall, the best explanation I've seen about how immigration became such a big issue. --
  • Inside North Korea -- From Nicholas Kristof, a must read report from inside North Korea. --
  • Russia's Neighbors -- A story about how Russia’s neighbors respond to Putin's 'Hybrid War.' What can we learn from them? --
  • Visiting Working Class America -- A hopeful story of a bipartisan effort to seriously address the problems of working class America. --
  • A Message From Uber's New CEO -- From Uber's new CEO, an amazing email to employees with a major lesson about emotional intelligence. --
  • How Did Marriage Become a Mark of Privilege? -- A story about the complex interrelationships between economic opportunity, marriage, & inequality. --
  • The US Nuclear Arsenal -- For those who don't remember the Cold War, an explanation of what everyone should know about nuclear weapons. --
  • Russia's Hybrid Warriors -- For those who see civil society as part of the solution, news that it is being attacked by Russians hybrid warriors --
  • The Coming Software Apocalypse -- Need another mega worry? A story about how we don't know how to evaluate the risks associated with computer code. --
  • Little Compromise on Compromising -- For those who favor compromise and moderation, Pew Research opinion data on opposition to compromise! --
  • How Fake News Turned a Small Town Upside Down -- Fake news goes local, a story about how it tore apart one small town. --
  • Poverty In Academia -- The plight of adjunct faculty, a story for those who think that exploitation is limited to unskilled workers. --
  • The Trump Voter Paradox -- Thomas Edsall's well-documented explanation of the political implications of the psychological geography of the US. --
  • Will There Be War? -- Assessing the risk of war with North Korea: inflammatory rhetoric, war preparations, & the risk of miscommunication --
  • Ineffective Campaign Outreach -- If true, a surprising finding with far-reaching implications - most campaign outreach has zero effect on voters! --
  • Is AI Riding a One-Trick Pony? -- For those interested in heavy thinking, an explanation of how artificial intelligence works (and doesn't). --
  • Kneeling Vs. Winning -- A provocative comparison of football kneeling protests with King era civil rights strategy. --
  • Las Vegas Shooting & Fake News -- Disturbing story about how algorithms from Google, Facebook and others spread fake news about Las Vegas. --
  • The War Against Boys -- Understanding other perspectives & points of view, a classic older article on the "war against boys." --