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  • America's Best University President -- From President Zimmer (Univ. of Chicago), a persuasive argument for grappling with tough and uncomfortable ideas. --
  • Why Are Millennials Wary of Freedom? -- An exploration of the many worrying reasons why millennials are turning away from democracy and freedom. --
  • How to Engage a Fanatic -- An important and tough question, What's the best way to respond to fanatical opposition? --
  • Why Experts Reject Creativity -- For a world in desperate need of creative solutions to tough problems an exploration of why we reject creativity. --
  • America's Forgotten Wars -- The US is currently fighting in at least six countries. Can you name them? An update on our forgotten wars. --
  • On Safari In Trump's America -- An especially good effort by the left to understand the right. Big question: How will the left respond to its criti --
  • Terrorism Today -- From Unite 4 Peace, a thoughtful essay on how the terrorism of today is different from the terrorism of the past. --
  • Tracking the Gig Economy -- For those trying to understand the nature of the "gig economy" (Uber, AirBnB, etc.) new numbers from Brookings. --
  • The Democrats in Their Labyrinth -- For Democrats who see Trump as an existential threat, a call for making the tough compromises necessary to win. --
  • The Doom Loop of Modern Liberalism -- A provocative hypothesis on the relationship between birthrates, immigration, xenophobia, and the welfare state. --
  • Women As Wartime Rapists -- A disturbing reminder that both men and women are capable of war crimes. --
  • What The End of ISIS Means -- Knowledgeable reflections on "What the End of ISIS Means." --
  • The Week Trump Won -- "The Week Trump Won" highlights today's parallels with the Bolshevik revolution and suggests a way out. --
  • The National Crackup -- An eloquent appeal for revitalizing "The American Experiment" and it's formula for making a diverse society work. --
  • The Uncertain Future of the INF Treaty -- Putting the nuclear genie back in the bottle has to be our top priority. Worrying news about the INF Treaty. --
  • World Values Survey -- The World Values Survey, a great source of information about the diverse world in which we live. --
  • Russia's Cyberspace -- Russia's proposal for a new UN convention on information crimes would enhance authoritarian control of the Internet --
  • U.S. Carriers In The Pacific -- FP SitRep: More US Carriers Arrive as North Korea Diplomacy Falls Apart -- We need to stay focused on averting war! --
  • The Unthinkable -- Trump's North Korea strategy "surrender without a fight or surrender with a fight" sounds like a formula for war. --
  • Russia & American Rage -- More insight into how the Russians are driving us apart. Both sides have a big stake in resisting this. --
  • End of the Internal Combustion Engine -- An up-beat argument that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine. --
  • North Korea Cyberwar -- North Korea's cyberwarfare capabilities--yet another reason why military options could lead to catastrophe. --
  • Is The American Idea Doomed? -- A thoughtful essay on the ideals behind and the precarious nature of democratic institutions. --
  • Donald Trump, Dealbreaker -- A review of the damage that is being done to the framework of international agreements upon which peace depends. --
  • Hypersonic Missiles & War -- A report on hypersonic missiles. Like it or not rapidly advancing technology is changing the nature of war. --