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  • The New York Times gives a persuasive explanation of how diminished competition (and antitrust enforcement) are undermining the economy. -- Robber Baron Recessions --
  • Vox presents a big study of the negativity of campaign coverage, showing that Clinton's coverage is more negative than Trump's. -- Who Gets the Most Negative Media Coverage? --
  • TED shares great stories of people who figured out how to do important things cheaply, a big key to making things better in the world. -- Making Expensive Things Cheap --
  • Commentary offers a tough challenge that merits serious consideration of supporters of the US sponsored peace process. -- The Peace Process Is an Obstacle to Peace --
  • Data USA has a really great collection of visualizations of U.S. Public Data, for those who have trouble being moved to tears by statistics. -- DataUSA Visulaizations --
  • FiveThirtyEight challenges climate activists (and anyone else pushing for changes in human behavior) to "walk the talk." -- Advice from and to Climate Scientists on Flying --
  • TED shares about the doomsday seed bank, where seeds are stored in case of plant extinction. The need for this project tells us a lot about the precariousness of the human condition. -- Doomsday and the Keeper of Seeds --
  • Foreign Affairs offers a thoughtful exploration of the conflict between "solutionism" and "anti-solutionism" in the Israeli context, where decisions are not rushed. -- Solutionism --
  • Vox points out that it looks like progressive populists are like everyone else–-they want more benefits and they're willing to pay for. -- We Must be Willing to Pay for Revolution --
  • In Foreign Affairs' new article, we finally have recognition by the world's big corporations that corruption threatens the viability of the world economy. -- The Danger of Corruption --
  • In the New York Times, Nick Kristoff shares a great essay with lots of links on the corporate welfare problem–-something we really have to find a way to solve. -- Welfare Cheats in the Corporate World --
  • Amid the hysteria about illegal immigration from Mexico, Pew Research shares statistics show that the number of border crossings are near record-low. -- Apprehensions Misplaced at the Border --
  • Quartz shares advice from a Stanford Dean on do-it-yourself skills for 18-year-olds, which is useful for our increasingly overprotective society. -- What Every 18-Year-Old Must Know --
  • The New York Times shares an interesting (and all too rare) article on how t0 (maybe) start fixing the United States' broken politics. -- How to Fix Politics --
  • The New York Times reminds us that depolarizing our politics requires us all to look at the complexities of big issues--like fracking, for example. -- Can Liberals Frack? --
  • The New York Times makes an urgent call to think about where we are heading as US political rhetoric becomes increasingly bitter. -- Bipartisanship Isn’t for Wimps, After All --
  • The Harvard Business Review shares persuasive critique of Donald Trump's negotiation skills from real experts in negotiation, arguing that Trump doesn't understand negotiation like the next president will need to. -- Trump's Negotiation Skills --
  • Scientific American, the New York Times, and Foreign Affairs have interesting insights into the complexities of CVE (countering violent extremism). -- Countering Violent Extremism --
  • After the Brussels attacks, Defense One and Foreign Policy make persuasive arguments for taking nuclear security more seriously. -- Nuclear Secuirty --
  • The New York Times is conducting an important debate about the connection between anti-Semitism and critiques of Israeli policies. -- Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism --
  • David Smith shares his book Peace Jobs, a great new resource for those thinking about careers in peace and conflict-related fields! -- Peace Jobs --
  • Thomas Friedman writes in The New York Times writes on an important new book for those ready to address hard questions about the last quarter century: Mission Failure. -- Mission Failure --
  • A New York Times debate series asks: is it time for us to take more responsibility for the chaos that we brought to Afghanistan? -- Is America Responsible for Afghan Refugees? --
  • The Russell Kirk Center shares an especially clear statement of core conservative principles such as the moral order and the principle of prudence that ought to be (but aren't) the focus of debate. -- Core Conservative Principles --
  • Rolling Stone shares an especially good essay on society's increasing demand for safe spaces and how it's not confined to college campuses. -- Safe Spaces Demanded in All Places --