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  • David Frum of The Atlantic provides an analysis of "Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy": things that need to be understood before they can be fixed. -- The Seven Broken Guardrails of Democracy --
  • The New York Times shares a persuasive challenge from Nicholas Kristof--liberals ought to promote (and could learn from) political diversity. -- The Liberal Blindspot --
  • Brookings writes on a big part of the problem: the surprising pessimism of the white working class compared with Blacks, Hispanics, others. -- Unhappiness in America --
  • The Washington Post publishes Alejandro Cegarra's harrowing photographs of Venezuela on the brink of collapse alongside an article by Nick Miroff --a reminder of why societies can't be allowed to fail. -- Harrowing scenes of Venezuela on the brink of collapse --
  • Foreign Policy writes funny definitions of foreign-policy jargon -- but with the real message. -- How to Speak Foreign Policy --
  • Foreign Policy's Stephen M. Walt lists the top 10 books to read when you have time, and if you want to understand the foundations of the international system. -- Top Ten Books on International Relations --
  • Michael Lind of Politico Magazine explores extraordinary, ongoing changes in the nature of US political conflict. -- This Is What the Future of American Politics Looks Like --
  • The Washington Post publishes a profile of those who are taking up arms to defend themselves from the government--how could it come to that? -- Primed to Fight the Government --
  • The Washington Post shares an interesting "mind-changing" story on the Washington Redskins controversy--something we could all learn from. -- Changing His Mind About the Redskins --
  • Foreign Policy shares a "mea culpa" from an economist on his field's contribution to our troubles. We need more such self-examination. -- Economics Has Failed America --
  • The Washington Post shares an especially well-argued essay on the fascism threat to US democracy - it's something we really have to take seriously. -- How Fascism Comes to America --
  • Foreign Policy's "Mercenaries Are the Silent Majority of Obama's Military" is a great article raising big strategic/moral questions. -- Mercenaries in Obama's Military --
  • The New York Times' David Brooks shares a great story about a multifaceted effort to transform the troubled community. We need more efforts like this. -- One Neighborhood at a Time --
  • The Washingtong Post puts them all in one place: a collection of the many falsehoods underlying the Trump campaign. Is this the new politics? -- Trump’s Pinocchio Ratings --
  • The New York Times writes on the art and science of political contradiction–-something that Trump has refined and we all need to deal with. -- Trump, Truth and the Power of Contradiction --
  • An article from the Atlantic, for comparison with the previous posts on likely Clinton and Trump foreign policies--Obama's views. Expect change! -- The Obama Doctrine --
  • From the New York Times, a great in-depth article for those who would like to know how a President Clinton might approach security issues. -- Clinton on Security Issues --
  • From Foreign Policy: time to put ridicule aside and seriously ask what the Trump "phenomenon" could mean for US foreign policy. -- Trump's Foreign Policy --
  • The New York Times shares an intriguing idea for reforming elections in ways that could empower compromise-oriented candidates. -- Exploring Majority Rule --
  • The Guardian shares an interesting and in-depth exploration of an important question: When does history do more harm than good? -- The Cult of Memory --
  • An interesting article from the Harvard Business Review: "How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill" -- Emotional Intelligence and Leadership --
  • The Atlantic writes on another big and not widely considered contributor to the inequality problem--luck. -- Luck Matters --
  • The New York Times shares a sad, but all too common, story of victims of discrimination who are also perpetrators of discrimination in discussion race and religion in Algeria. -- Black in Algeria? --
  • The Washington Post writes on a surprising and important contributor to economic weakness-–more prudent consumers. -- The Economy’s Real Drag: Consumers --
  • The New York Times shares an excellent Nick Kristof article asking liberals to consider how they are contributing to our conflict problems. -- Liberal Intolerance --