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  • Amid all the political posturing and showmanship, a look at an underlying philosophical difference that separates right and left-leaning worldviews. #mbi_context -- On the dignity of work, AOC’s view has replaced FDR’s --
  • An interview with a black parent and school board candidate who argues that the curriculum meant to combat racism may be actually be making things worse. #mbi_context -- The Black Lives Matter Curriculum Has an Unintended Lesson --
  • The first step to stopping Anti-Asian hate is to see it clearly. We need to go beyond our preconceptions and address the real problem. #mbi_context -- Do Not Look Away From Evil --
  • For those struggling to understand extremism, a series of interviews with former extremists and their families about radicalization and deradicalization. #mbi_context -- Violent Extremism in America --
  • A disturbing report from Britain that emphasizes how quickly today's destructive politics can start taking away the liberties we cherish. #mbi_context -- Britain: Land of Liberty No More --
  • Addressing the infrastructure crisis: a look at how hard it is to balance competing goals and build a workable compromise. #mbi_context -- Why an Infrastructure Deal Everyone Wants May Fail --
  • Evidence that, in our zeal to fight racism, we may be getting carried away. #mbi_context -- There Is No Such Thing as "White" Math --
  • An exploration of the costs of putting our narrow self-interests ahead of our collective interest in building a democracy that protects us all. #mbi_context -- Democracy Is (Still) Worth Defending --
  • More sensible analysis of the gun violence problem from Nick Kristof and a realistic proposal for limiting the new threat posed by "ghost guns." #mbi_context -- How Do We Stop the Parade of Gun Deaths? --
  • For those who have wondered how the extremes of the "cancel culture" have become such a powerful political force, an intriguing hypothesis. #mbi_context -- America's True Believers and Their Gutless Enablers --
  • In Trump’s America, progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found fame. Now, it’s the turn of moderates. #mbi_context -- The Mod Squad --
  • Reflections on the the latest information about the success that Russian disinformation campaigns are having in amplifying our political dysfunction. #mbi_context -- Russia Studied How to Get Americans to Make Mistakes --
  • A look at the new generation of social and political contrarians that have emerged on Substack as an alternative to the orthodoxies of mainstream media. #mbi_context -- I Beg to Differ --
  • A reminder that we are all susceptible to intergroup stereotyping and hostility and a look at how the right question can change things. #mbi_context -- White People Don't Have a Monopoly on Hatred --
  • A look at the rapidly emerging response to progressive illiberalism--one of today's most consequential emerging conflicts. #mbi_context -- Fighting Back, At Last --
  • A hopeful and uplifting story of people coming together to help one another through the pandemic and the other struggles of life. #mbi_context -- Mutual-Aid Societies: Americans Knit Their Safety Nets --
  • An exceptionally perceptive and well documented look at what can realistically be done to limit gun violence and mass shootings. #mbi_context -- How to Reduce Shootings --
  • A ontroversial, deeply disturbing, and also persuasive argument that, in our zeal to fight hate, we may actually be promoting it through unfounded accusations. #mbi_context -- Race and False Hate Crime Narratives --
  • A compelling case against the now common overuse of the term, "violence." The fight against violence requires being clear about what it does and doesn't mean. #mbi_context -- When the “Violence” Isn't Violent --
  • As the GOP becomes increasingly extreme, serious call for a new “radically centrist, common sense, let’s get stuff done party.” #mbi_context -- It's Time to Plant a New Flag --
  • A review of a new book that asks critical questions about the threats faced by the US and the role that the military should have meeting those threats. -- A World Without War --
  • For a time when class conflict is not being given the attention it deserves, a review of a new book: "Class: A Guide Through The American Status System" #mbi_context -- Book Review: Fussell On Class --
  • Political parties ought to be institutions for resolving disputes over which priorities to address and how. They shouldn't just enforce group mono-think. #mbi_context -- There’s only one political party right now --
  • An eloquent defense of the neglected art of persuasion -- the most sustainable way of achieving positive social change. #mbi_context -- When did we give up on persuasion? --
  • A first-rate look at the many ways in which out-of-control cynicism has infected our culture and our politics. We all need to Help fight this trend. #mbi_context -- American Cynicism Has Reached a Breaking Point --