Fundamentals Unit 5: Conflict Overlay Factors

This is a very quick, introduction to Unit 5, which is the second unit in Part II of the Fundamentals Seminar on Examining the Causes of Intractable Conflicts.  At the beginning of unit 4, we posted two videos.  The first video introduced the conflict core and overlay distinction and discussed what core elements commonly caused conflicts to become intractable.  The second video reviewed the overlay factors that tend to further complicate--or one might better say "complexify"-- conflicts to drive the conflict even further down the path of intractability.  The coming unit, Unit 5, includes a number of essays that explore these overlay factors in more detail than we did in those initial videos. We start with a discussion of frames, framing, and reframing.  When people or groups frame the conflict differently, coming up with a negotiable solution becomes increasingly difficult.