FD1 - Delegitimization

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FD1 - Delegitimization

This question grows out of Daniel Bar-Tal's essay on Deletimization and Heidi Burgess's "Current Implications" section accompanying that essay that explores the deligitimization that was demonstrated over the August 12-13 weekend with the White Nationalist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA and the aftermath which continues to unfold.

How might this conflict --between the White Supremacists and their opponents in the U.S. be de-escalated?  Certainly it would be nice if the White Supremacists would follow Bar-Tal's precriptions to 1) legitimize their opponents, 2) equalize them, 3) differentiate them and 4) peronalize them.  But can and should their opponents --people of color and Jews particularly-- but also moderate and liberal White males--take those steps with relation to the White Supremacists?  

What happens if they do?  What happens if they don't?  Is Bar-Tal right to suggest that these actions need to go both ways? (Or is he not suggesting that?)

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