Discussion 6: Should (and if so, how can) one tolerate those who don’t tolerate others?

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Discussion 6: Should (and if so, how can) one tolerate those who don’t tolerate others?

One of the ironies of the 2016 Presidential election in the United States was that liberals were most alarmed by Donald Trump's apparent intolerance and prejudice towards many groups.  Literature and social media posts advocating acceptance or even love of all groups proliferated.  But the one group that apparently wasn't covered in those pleas was Trump supporters.  Few liberals were willing to include Trump supporters in their circle of support, as they labelled them, as did Hillary Clinton at one point, as "deplorables," and hence not worthy of love or tolerance.  

That is the source of this question:  should one tolerate those who do not tolerate others? Maybe don't even tolerate YOU?

  •  If you say yes, how do you do that?  How do you love and accept yourself, and maintain your love and acceptance of others, but at the same time accept that others do not share those views--and might even be working against them?
  • If you say no, then, how do we avoid a perpetually-escalating spiral of hate?  If we continue to denounce Trump supporters as "haters," "ignorant," "bigotted" and other such derogatory terms, why would we expect them to not do the same to us? And if we continue to call each other names...how can we possibly bridge the divides that are tearing this country apart?

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