D11: How Do We Get Smarter? And What Does That Mean?

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D11: How Do We Get Smarter? And What Does That Mean?

A line that Heidi and I have been using since President Trump's election is that we need to learn how to "fight smarter," rather than just "fighting harder."  Many liberals have called for "resistance," and there are daily "calls for actions" of things people are asked to do to "fight harder" for liberal principles than they had before.  But much of that fighting harder is still framing the conflict in ways that play into President Trump's hand (see for instance, George Lakoff's article, "How to Help Trump").  If Trump opponents want to either further liberal values, or -- to our mind, more important -- save democracy, then they will need not only to fight harder, but also fight smarter,  which means, among other things, we think, fighting in ways that minimizes unnecessary backlash as we said in the previous post. 

What else does "fighting smarter" or simply "getting smarter" mean?  How does the peace and conflict field need to "get smarter" to be able to transform or resolve today's intractable conflicts?

And -- do you have ideas about ways we all can use this platform -- of a massive open online seminar -- to pursue such a goal? 

Please share your thoughts! 

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