D10: Developing a New Peace and Conflict Paradigm

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D10: Developing a New Peace and Conflict Paradigm

What ideas do you think need to be part of the new paradigm that takes us farther than herding cats or peacebuilding? And what do we need to remember to include from older paradigms?


In this video, Guy reviews a long series of paradigms that have dominated the peace and conflict field over the years, and suggests that we will be proposing a new one which we refer to as "massively parallel peacebuilding" though which we "cultivate peace" rather than "build it." ("Cultivating" assumes that peace is a characteristic of a complex system, whereas "building" is a term generally used for designed and thus complicated systems.)  

  • If you agree with this conceptualization, that what ideas need to be part of such a paradigm?
  • What elements of older paradigms do we need to retain?
  • If you don't agree with the notion of massively parallel peacebuilding and/or cultivating peace, what new paradigm would you propose to better enable the field to deal with the many highly-intractable conflicts that seem to be proliferating? 

Please share your thoughts here! 

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