Student Contributor Program

The Beyond Intractability Student Program is open to graduate students and, occasionally, advanced undergraduate students doing research on intractable conflicts under the direction of faculty members. We welcome student submissions to Beyond Intractability, though we ask that the students' adviors be the first level of review.

In the spring of 2005 we ran a pilot program in which John Paul Lederach at Notre Dame asked his graduate students to submit an essay (or other material) to Beyond Intractability as their major course project. While some students wrote essays, others wrote case studies; still others wrote "portals" or "user guides." John Paul and his students both report a high level of satisfaction with the process; we at Beyond Intractability found it very valuable as well.

We hope that other faculty will consider giving their students such an assignment. Alternatively, if you have one student who has a good paper or paper idea, suggest they send it to us for possible publication. Faculty interested in sponsoring student authors in this program should contact Beyond Intractability to find out more about the opportunities available to their students. More information about the student writing program can be found on our Call for Contributors. By the way, we welcome submissions from faculty members as well.