CRInfo / BI / MBI Integration

Since the earliest days of the Internet, the Conflict Information Consortium has been focused on making ever more sophisticated conflict and peace-related information systems freely available online. These systems, which have been supported by a variety of grants and created with somewhat different audiences in mind, have always covered overlapping subject matter.  To make it easier for users of the various systems to find and use resources created from other systems, we have always made the boundaries between the systems highly permeable.  We did this most notably with the CRInfo and Beyond Intractability systems where we made it possible for virtually all Consortium content to be accessed on either system. Usually the only difference was the base URL – or and the header that showed up on the page.

With the Consortium's shift to its new computer platform and content management system, we have taken this integration a step further by completely combining these two systems under one url ( which now includes all the CRInfo content, all the Beyond Intractability content (which together are now referred to as the "Beyond Intractability/CRInfo Knowledge Base (or simply the Knowledge Base,) along with our new Massive Open Online Seminars and Blogs which make up the new Moving Beyond Intractability (MBI) project.