YatMan Cheng

Yatman Cheng has a BA in experimental psychology from Oxford University, England (2005). YatMan completed her secondary education at Red Cross Nordic United World College (UWC) in Norway after being selected by the Hong Kong UWC national committee to represent Hong Kong. She consequently received a Jardines Matheson Foundation award to attend Oxford University, where she wrote a dissertation on inter-group conflict. At Oxford she was president of an Amnesty International chapter and a member of both the Tibet Society and the United Nations Association. In 2003, she volunteered with Tibetan Children's Villages in India, and in 2004 she visited the Center for Children's Happiness in Cambodia, for which she has since raised funds. YatMan recently interned at Civic Exchange, a Hong Kong-based organization that promotes democratic culture and civil society, where she wrote a research paper studying linkages between democratization and social spending in Hong Kong.