Chip (Charles) Hauss: Security 2.0 (Book)

Published in 2015, Security 2.0: Dealing with Global Wicked Problems, presents Chip (officially Charles) Hauss's take on, essentially, the same problem we are trying to address in Bi and MBI.  Wicked problems are, according to Hauss, a problem for which the "causes and consequences are so inextricably intertwined that you can't understand them--let alone cope with them--separately" (p 7-8). Hauss goes on to distinguish between simple, complicated, and wicked problems, much in the same way Wendell Jones (and we, Guy and Heidi Burgess) talk about simple, complicated, and complex problems.  Indeed, Hauss agrees that wicked problems are extremely complex. Intractable conflicts are, in essence, wicked problems.

In the first chapters of the book, Hauss calls for a “new paradigm” for addressing wicked problems that is based on complexity theory. Our old, simple, reductionist ways of problem solving simply are not capable of addressing wicked problems successfully, he argues, paralleling our assertion that “business-as-usual conflict resolution” isn’t capable of addressing intractable conflicts. 

Rather, he says, we need to develop networked, collaborative approaches to these issues--which he presents as a "new paradigm" of problem solving.  However, he warns that paradigm shifts of this magnitude are very slow and difficult, and are not, by any means, destined to succeed.  However, in the second half of the book, Hauss presents stories about how such a paradigm shift has begun to be made in many different societal sectors.  In chapters on the military, business, identity conflicts, climate change and governance, Hauss presents numerous examples of ground-breaking approaches to wicked problems that are already being undertaken.  He presents story after story of people and organizations who have developed and successfully applied new, collaborative and networked approaches to each of these wicked problems.

Security 2.0: Dealing with Global Wicked Problems was published in 2015 by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.  It is available on and other booksellers.

Hauss also has a blog and the Wicked Problems Group that are associated with the book.