Peter Coleman: Conflict Intelligence and Systemic Wisdom

Coleman's article "Conflict Intelligence and Systemic Wisdom: Meta-Competencies for Engaging Conflict in a Complex, Dynamic World" published in the January 2018 edition of the Negotiation Journal, argues that these two skills offer an overarching approach for integrating the many different strategies and tactics for resolving conflict and facilitating constructive change across different levels and conftexts.  In a diagram very similar to Maire Dugan's "Nested Theory of Conflict" (which nested the specific issue with in the relational level, then the sub-system level, and lastly the structural or systemic level, Coleman nests the level of the self within the social level, then within the "situated" level, which is lastly within the largest systemic level. He then shows the different conflict resolution processes that are of most use at each of his levels.