About "The Remarkable Growth of Cooperative Problem-Solving Resources Since World War II"

About this Resource 

Introduction by Heidi Burgess

This set of eleven documents was created by long-time conflict resolver Tom Dunne.  Tom, who was a Navy Seal in Vietnam, became an accomplished conflict resolver after the war.  For almost fifty years Tom has helped individuals, organizations, and communities resolve disputes and manage conflicts productively, working with government agencies and NGOs.  His work has included executive teambuilding, strategic planning, labor-management partnerships, conflict resolution and designing work systems to foster cooperation, productivity, and work satisfaction. At the Search for Common Ground (one of the largest Peacebuilding NGOs in the world), Tom founded The U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project to improve relations between the U.S. and the Muslim world. He also co-founded The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Maryland, which helps community members resolve local issues through joint problem solving.

Tom is now working on a book entitled Waging Peace: How Adversaries are Learning to Resolve Their Conflicts Through Cooperative Problem Solving. Reflections on Fifty Years in the Field of Conflict Resolution by a Former Navy SEAL.   In the process of researching for the book, Tom collected far more information than would fit into one book, so he asked us if we would be willing to post that information on CRInfo.  We enthusiastically said "yes!" The links that follow include Tom's Cover Page for this set of resources, his Introduction, and ten additional resource collections, all of which are linked below. We are very grateful to Tom for sharing all this information!  It's amazing! 


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